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New way to get more detailed soils info for precision farming

New way to get more detailed soils info for precision farming
Veris products measure electrical conductivity of soil and other parameters. Here's a new model.

Here is another sneak peek from the new products list of machines and services found by our editors at the recent Farm Progress Show. You will find descriptions of more than 200 products in various groupings in upcoming issues of the magazine.

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Fall is traditionally a great time for pulling soil samples and mapping soils. If you are into precision farming like Kelly Robertson, Benton, Ill., you may have already figured out that soil maps prepared in the 1960s and '70s are great tools for overall planning, but are not detailed enough if you want to farm fields within the field.

Map with ATV: Veris introduces a mapper you can pull with an ATV that turns electrical conductivity within the soil into maps.

Robertson became so enthralled with one potential solution to helping him learn more about each area in the field that he now offers the service himself. He is a certified agent for DuPont Pioneer's Encirca Services. Learn more about Robertson and data management services in the upcoming November issue.

Meanwhile, if you want a way to learn more about soil differences within the field, Veris offers equipment that maps electrical conductivity and can supply information to map other soil-based parameters, including organic matter and soil pH. Recently, Veris introduced the model shown which collects soil conductivity information. The unique thing about this model is that it is built specifically to pull behind an ATV.

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Many crop consultants use ATVs or UTVs to carry soil sampling equipment and collect and haul soil samples. There's likely an ATV in your toolshed. This new model will pull easily behind the ATV, making it possible to map when soils might be damper than you would want to track with a pickup or other vehicle.

Veris has also just introduced another product, a larger model to pull behind a larger vehicle, that can give you three depths of information. It will now give you readings down to three feet in the soil.

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