Planalytics releases schedule for 2017  wheat, corn and soybean crop yield forecasts
Trend In 2012 133 of growers reported the presence of glyphosateresistant Palmer amaranth on their farms 46 percentage points more than in 20114Germination timing Palmer amaranth has an extended emergence pattern typically May to midJuly in the Southern United States It has a rapid growth rate up to 2 inches per day and high seed production averaging 40000 seeds per plant6Found in AR AZ CA CO FL GA IL KS KY LA MA MD MO MS NC NE NJ NM NV NY OH OK PA SC TN
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Continued demand for farmland by local operators like Brayton Turner left are helping to maintain rates suggests Professional farm manager Matt Clarahan right Turner will be operating a farm managed by Clarahan for the first time in 2017 Here the two are reviewing a modified crop share lease and discussing newly installed drainage tile on the farm