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Unique crop farming family comes to Indiana State Fair Aug. 19

Unique crop farming family comes to Indiana State Fair Aug. 19
Doug Morrow and family farm in three different locations within Indiana.

Wednesday, Aug. 19 belongs to Doug Morrow and family at the Indiana State Fair. They will represent farmers in the Year of the Farmer program. It's the theme during the entire fair. Seventeen farm families will each serve as hosts and honorees for the Year of the Farmer program – each one day at a time.

Doug and his family live near Swayzee in Grant County. What makes their crop operation more than your standard crop operation is that they farm sizable acreages in three distinct parts of Indiana. The first is the home base of operations in Grant County. They also farm a sizable acreage near Rensselaer in Jasper County, and in east-central Indiana, east of Muncie.

Meet the Morrow family- Doug and Mary Beth have two sons, Jacob, age 5, and Will, age 2.

Talk about not putting all your eggs in one basket! They have a chance to avoid a complete wipe-out due to weather by spreading out their farms so far. The flip side is that the risk is also greater for the likelihood that one farm will get hit if bad weather develops somewhere in the state. That certainly happened this year.

"Things have been pretty good for crops here where we live," Morrow says. "But we took a big hit in northwest Indiana. There was just too much rain for too long. We couldn't get in during June to do what we needed to do in northwest Indiana. At some point, knowing what to do if they could get in became an issue, he adds. Crops were struggling so much it was hard to know how they would respond.

Their farm in east-central Indiana was sort of in between, he adds.

Morrow keeps some standard equipment at each location. However, he drives major equipment between farms. He finds that so far, it works for them.

Meet the family at the Glass Barn sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Alliance at 2:30 p.m. EDT for a live chat.

See a full list of family farmers and links to their stories as they appear on the Indiana Prairie Farmer website: Indiana Soybean Alliance's Glass Barn will feature 'Year of the Farmer' hosts

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