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Seven-function Seed Tender Remote is the Berries!

Seven-function Seed Tender Remote is the Berries!
Control your seed tender by push button with new Unverferth remote control

Unverfeth's seven-function seed tender remote control is like magic. The evolution of seed tenders has made loading the planter with soybeans "almost" a one-man operation. With many tenders one person can do it but it's an easier task with two.

Unverferth introduces a seven-function remote control for the company's model 3750 seed tender that makes it more likely a true one-person operation to fill the planter, or to load the tender with seed before heading back to the field.

Power of the button: Unverferth's latest seed tender adds a seventh remote function that moves the conveyor for you.

The previous remote had six functions. The new function allows you to lift the auger out of transport position and ready it for either filling the planter or loading the tender, all with the use of switches on the remote control unit. No more lifting it out of the saddle, no more cranking it into position – remove the last vestiges of physical drudgery from loading seed into the planter.

You owe it to yourself to see the unit work, especially if you have a tender where you manually lift and crank to position the auger so you can load either central fill boxes or individual row units. It's rewarding and downright convenient to see a system work where you no longer have to move the auger by yourself.

You can learn more about all Unverferth seed handling products at, or call Unverferth, Kalida, Ohio, toll-free at 800-322-6301.

Here's what Farm Progress editors think about this innovation:

Tom J. Bechman, Indiana Prairie Farmer:  I have used a modern seed tender without a remote that would move the auger or conveyor tube for you. This one is a no-brainer. It takes the awkwardness out of trying to maneuver the conveyor if you're doing the job yourself. Now filling up is truly a one-person job.

Lon Tonneson, Dakota Farmer: Nice time and labor saver. If you buy a seed tender to make filling the planter a one-man operation, it should really be a one-man operation.

Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist: I am a sucker for remote controls. A hand-held device that can limit my manual labor is right up my alley, and Unverferth is making it simple to lift and crank your seed tender conveyor with a touch of a button. The company already offered remote control for the 3750 seed tender. The new function makes filling the planter a one-person job. No more need to physically push the conveyor from row unit to row unit. Just push a button to position it.

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