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Planter Maker Offers Significant Revamp for 2014

Planter Maker Offers Significant Revamp for 2014

Agco's White Planter division rolls out new 9000-Series row units, and an innovative 12-row, center fill planter.

At White Planter they're thinking positively. Of course since the 1970s they always have. The company's airflow system, which uses positive pressure versus a vacuum has separated its planters from the competition. The newest generation row units - the 9000 series - is the next big thing from this division of Agco.

NEW CENTER-FILL: The White 9812 narrow transport, center-fill planter offers a range of durability and convenience features enhanced by the new 9000-series row unit.

In addition, the company is launching its first 12-row, 30-inch center-fill planter to fill a niche it sees for the mid-size farmer that wants to boost productivity but doesn't see a need to double planter size. "If you want to go up from a 12-row planter the next step is 24 rows if you want all your equipment to match," says Bob Boelson, senior product marketing specialist, seeding and tillage.

Row unit review

The new Series 9000 row unit features a heavier duty design that eliminates grease zerks and daily maintenance. Bushings are life-time design and even if debris or mud get into the unit cleanup is easy. For example the row unit can be pulled from the planter quickly by simply removing a slip ring. "Farmers don't like to plant in mud, but it happens and with this design they can clean up faster," says Gary Hamilton, product marketing specialist, White Planters.

A bigger 16-inch disk opener allows for deeper planting - up to 4.5 inches, and adjustements can be made in quarter-inch increments. That bigger opener will also have a longer life, further enhancing durability.

STAR OF THE PLANTER: White Planter model numbers come from their row units. Hence for 2014 White Planters will carry the 9000-series designation named for this new row unit - the first upgrade since 2000.

The positive-flow air seed unit gets a revamp too. Long-time users may notice the bigger brush on the left side of the unit which does a better job of keeping seed in the plate as the air-pressure is released so seed can drop to the ground. And that fall is short - just 18 inches - which Agco says is one of the shortest for the industry.

Interestingly, White Planter series are named after their row unit models. So the 8000 Series, last updated in 2000 got its name from the row unit. Hence starting in 2014, all White Planters, which get this new row unit, become 9000 Series machines.

That new planter

In the 9800 narrow transport planter class, White is launching its first-ever center-fill 12-row machine and the company tapped proven tech from larger planters. The unit offers an option of a 300-gallon fluid fertilizer unit.

Airflow for the planter units actually runs through the planter frame, that reduces maintenance and eliminates an entire "plumbing system" which makes the machine look cleaner.

The self-contained hydraulic system can be powered by a PTO-driven 24 gpm pump, lightening the load for the tractor and allowing use of this planter by smaller horsepower machines. The hydraulic system has been designed to efficiently manage heat issues too since high temperatures in hydraulic systems can cause fluid breakdown.

The 9812 features two 45-bushel hoppers - or 90 bushels at a fill. That means a 12-row machine can do the work of a bigger model because of lower "tending time." And the rising use of bulk seed makes this size planter with center fill more popular.

You can learn more about the planter by visiting or by calling (877) 525-4384.

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