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Deere's New Planter Impresses Farm Family

Deere's New Planter Impresses Farm Family
Here's how a farmer and farmwife react to the new ExactEmerge

Lots of exciting things come out of a visit to Louisville, Ky., for the National Farm Machinery Show but this year John Deere stole the show.

John Deere unveiled their brand new planter available for early order in spring 2014.  It debuted Wednesday morning as the show opened.

"Accuracy paired with speed, like you've never seen before," John Deere says of its new product, calling it the "ExactEmerge experience."

The company boasts accurate singulation, population, spacing and uniform depth all while driving 10 mph.  The planter is designed for both corn and soybean varieties of all shapes and sizes.

John Deere's New ExactEmerge Planter: The newest planter on the market was a definite crowd draw for farmers and farmwives.

The new seed delivery system is the first radical departure in design in several years.  The brush belt delivery system matches the ground speed of the planter at any desired population delivering seed to the bottom of the trench at a rearward trajectory, the company says.

The vacuum meter allows you to use a variety of seed shapes and sizes, all at once.  Plus, the vacuum meter maintains a target population even over terrain with slopes up to 15 degrees.

The dual electric motors power the ExactEmerge electric drive system on each row unit.  They work independently to control the mater and the brush belt, with no synchronization required.

The seed sensors provide every vital bit of information for each seed that travels through the brush belt delivery system: population, seed spacing, and seed singulation.  All of this information is then sent directly and seamlessly to the new SeedStar HP monitoring system.

We've heard some experts already wondering if they can keep the planter together and performing well on seed spacing and depth placement at such speeds. It seemed to us like Deere took that issue into account when they designed the planter. They changed more than the seed tube.

Being able to plant at 10 mph requires more shock load and stress.  John Deere strengthened the row unit shank to withstand additional force and impact.  And the enhanced gauge wheel arm provides greater wear life.

This new John Deere ExactEmerge Planter was definitely one of the highlights of the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show, especially if you're a farm couple wondering what the planter of tomorrow might look like.

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