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11 ag stories that'll uplift your day

Check out these recent Farm Progress stories to leave you feeling hopeful and inspired.

Stephanie Sokol

May 3, 2024

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They may not always make the front page, but the good stories of people making a positive impact, overcoming adversity or helping others through the rough times are important, too. Southeast Farm Press rounded up recent uplifting reads to put some positivity into your news feed.

So, take a moment here to hear about good people doing good things for good people.

For example, a special day took place at a Florida farm earlier this year. “There’re no straight lines in life. So, I wanted (the students) to see that, hey, you work hard, and you keep putting one foot in front of the other, things are going to work out,” the Florida farmer who hosted the event said.

He wanted to be a farmer. He started by renting land, improving it and expanding. Neighbor have stepped in to finish planting his crops, and others will be pitching in the rest of the season to see his final crop through. Sometimes tragedies bring people together. A good example is the community who showed up for a wife and babies in the most-tragic times.

The Texas Panhandle suffered from the largest wildfire in history in March during the Smokehouse Creek Fire. The damage was extensive, taking out crops and cattle. But despite devastation, it’s important to notice the helpers.

A former University of Tennessee Extension assistant took a break from agriculture after becoming a mom. But amid finding her new passion in motherhood, she took to the canvas to use her creative side and paint cotton in the time she takes away from her career while she raises her little one. 

Amid the stress of the economy and daily life working in agriculture, a millennial and a baby boomer embarked on a journey toward better mental health, breaking the stigma and hoping to inspire others to follow suit.

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