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Crop Watch Crop Covered the Soil, Intercepted Sunlight All Season Long

Crop Watch Crop Covered the Soil, Intercepted Sunlight All Season Long
Crop Watch 2014: Will this translate into high yields at harvest?

Do you have your final yield guess for the Crop Watch 2014 field yet? The clock is ticking on the deadline to submit entries. Email your guess to the nearest tenth of a bushel by Sept. 15 to [email protected].

Be sure to include your address, cell phone number and number of acres farmed. You can also find an entry from in the August and September issues and mail it to P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131. Mailed entries must be postmarked by September 15.

Crop Watch 9/5: Enter Crop Watch Contest to Win Free Seed

Crop Watch 2014: Will good crop coverage and sunlight use translate into high yields at harvest?

If you're one of the three closest to guessing the actual dry yield once the field is harvested, you will win free seed corn for 2015 from Seed Consultants, Inc. The winner gets eight bags of seed, second place gets six bags, and third place gets four bags of seed. That's a great way to begin making a dent in your 2015 input costs. You can't win if you don't enter!

In the field, the crop is moving toward maturity. It's still relatively green, however, greener yet than many surrounding fields. All season long from July 1 on it has shaded the ground and intercepted light. According to Dave Nanda, Genetics and Technology consultant for Seed Consultants, Inc. and a long-time plant breeder, that should lead to good yields. It means that the plants captured as much sunlight as their spacing and leaf branching would allow.

Crop Watch 9/1: Full, Deep Kernels Could Increase Corn Yield

Nanda believes yields will go higher in the future, and he believes more plants spaced equally apart so they can capture even more of the sunlight that is available will be one of the key reasons why.

Capture sunlight: This isn't the Crop Watch field, but the canopy and darkness between the rows is very similar. That means that the plants are capturing most of the sunlight.

Right now your goal should be focusing on what will this field yield this year. Previous winners in crop watch contests are not eligible. One entry per immediate household will be accepted.

We're waiting to see how more of you think the crop will fare!

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