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Adjustable Row Cleaners Offer Advantages

Adjustable Row Cleaners Offer Advantages
Clear away clods in conventional fields to get a better seed bed.

You don't need to be in no-till or even reduced-till to benefit from residue cleaners. Riding with a farmer the other day I saw first-hand how the residue wheels can make a difference in a conventionally tilled field. The planter is equipped with the newest electronically controlled set of residue clearing wheels form Yetter. The depth can be adjusted from the cab.

While the attachments allow the planter to run in true no-till or reduced-till conditions, the wheels where still getting a workout in a conventionally prepared field.

Change on the go: The operating depth of these row cleaners can be changed easily from the cab on the go.

Most of the time the wheels were set to run in a light position, just touching the ground and clearing away anything that might be in the way. When the driver encountered an area with clods, he punched a button and the wheels ran deeper than they did before. All the wheels on this 24-row planter responded in unison.

Running the wheels deeper provided loose soil for the planter row units to work in. Once he was through a spot with clods he could raise them again so they weren't running so deep. The beauty was he could make the adjustments from the cab on the go without even stopping. Since he had auto-steering on the tractor, he had time to monitor the wheel depth. He also had time to check the Precision Planting 20-20 Seed Sense monitor to see how well the planter as operating, and how it was singulating seed.

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