cattle in field with perennial grasses
Tom Hartman harvests a sorghum field near Grand Island
Yield maps, EC maps and near infrared imagery could be valuable tools in determining optimum places in the field for cover crops. However, many growers already strategically plant cover crops in areas of the field where erosion is visible.
This John Deere M prototype was originally yellow with black lettering. Tractor Club Restoration President Joshua Bauer notes the club's plan is to re-paint the tractor to its original yellow, which was indicative of John Deere prototypes at the time.
Chris White (left) of Fruitnet Media; Damon Knobloch of Riverview LLP in the U.S.; Marco Parzaniello of Parzianello Agro in Brazil; Annie Dee of Dee River Ranch Inc. in the U.S.; MBS Sandhu of Sylvan Harvests in India; and Leon Noordam of Novifarm in the Netherlands.
tractor spraying chemicals in field
eclipse at totality
prairie strip
The site at the West Central Research and Extension Center equipped with variable-rate irrigation