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The NuWay range from Nulandis provides a solution to building more resilient crops that are geared to handle environmental stresses better.

February 15, 2024

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NuWay solution for drought stress.
Photo submitted by AECI Plant Health

Climate change is significantly affecting agriculture in America, with altered weather patterns leading to increased drought stress. As temperature extremes worsen and changing precipitation patterns persist, farmers across the continent face challenges in maintaining crop yields given the challenge of ensuring water availability. Extreme weather events disrupt planting schedules, contributing to unpredictable growing conditions. Drought-induced strain on water supplies is evident in major river basins, affecting irrigation capacity.

The growing problem of water stress and scarcity intensifies the need for growers to adapt to a new agricultural landscape and apply sustainable agricultural interventions. Nulandis introduces Nixela and Rappid K, a sustainable, dual part solution, formulated with the aim of mitigating the effects of water stress across a wide range of crops.

Nixela, a carbohydrate-chelated combination of calcium, magnesium and potassium, contains the essential macronutrients required to prime crops against water stress and other forms of stress. Calcium helps to maintain cell and tissue structure in crops, allowing them to tolerate structural damage from any kind of stress factor far better. Calcium plays a pivotal role in cell division and is required for new growth and the plant’s recovery process after a stress event. Magnesium is the central element in chlorophyll, the light energy-capturing pigment in chloroplasts. Without sufficient chlorophyll production, the plant cannot absorb enough sunlight to drive photosynthesis and the sugar levels of the plant become compromised. Potassium regulates the opening and closing of the stomata, influencing sap flow under heat and drought conditions. Rappid K is a source of potassium and phosphate. The polyphosphate is integral in providing the crop with the extra energy required to maintain its metabolism, photosynthetic rates and general health when environmental conditions become unfavourable. Both of these products are safe to use as foliar applications and due to the reduced water volume required for application, we work towards the aim to conserve our water.

Nixela and Rappid K stand at the forefront of sustainable interventions against climate change, offering a comprehensive, solution to enhance crop resilience and yield stability in drought-prone environments.

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