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New nematicide gives growers more flexibility

A new nematicide provides growers increased application and timing flexibility when determining how to manage damaging nematodes.

February 1, 2024

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New nematicide gives growers more flexibility
Submitted by Corteva Agriscience

Flexibility is key when working toward a successful crop. Having the option of flexibility when applying a nematicide helps keep nutrients available to the plant during the entire growing process. The introduction of Salibro nematicide with Reklemel active from Corteva Agriscience provides growers more flexibility when determining how to manage damaging nematodes.

“One way Salibro nematicide provides flexibility to growers is in the biology of the product itself,” says Natalie Holt, nematicides product marketing manager, Corteva Agriscience. “Salibro nematicide is a true nematicide that mixes well with water, helping it move through the soil. It is the first sulfonamide nematicide on the market.”

The active ingredient in Salibro nematicide, Reklemel active, received a Reduced Risk designation from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency due to the ability of this product to selectively target plant-parasitic nematodes. This enables lower use rates than older nematicides and enables highly favorable environmental and toxicological profiles compared with other products in the category.

High-value crop growers typically fumigate to control various disease and nematode issues. Salibro nematicide can be added to the fumigation program, or it can be an alternative to fumigation in certain situations.

Timing flexibility is another key benefit growers will find in Salibro nematicide. Salibro nematicide can be applied pre-plant, at-plant or post-plant. One example of a nematode program for fruiting vegetables may include Salibro nematicide applied at plant, then Vydate® L insecticide/nematicide applied during the growing season to ensure full-season control.

“In addition to timing flexibility, Salibro nematicide can be applied through numerous application methods,” Holt says. “Salibro nematicide can be incorporated preplant broadcast followed by soil incorporation, in furrow or via micro-sprinkler and drip chemigation. Salibro nematicide is a key component to an integrated nematode control program.”

Finally, Salibro nematicide provides residual protection, demonstrating favorable soil mobility that keeps it in the root zone for extended residual protection from plant-parasitic nematodes. It will not impact nontarget and beneficial organisms, including bacteria, fungi and free-living nematodes.

For more information on how to control plant-parasitic nematodes with Salibro nematicide, visit Corteva.us/Salibro.

™ ® Trademarks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliated companies. Vydate® L is a Restricted Use Pesticide. Reklemel™ is a registered active ingredient. Salibro™ and Vydate L are not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions. ©2024 Corteva. 018856 CP (01/24)

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