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Each season, peanut growers face a range of pest challenges. FMC provides expert insights and solutions to help you overcome these obstacles.

March 25, 2024

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Navigating persistent pest problems in peanuts
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Peanut planting is fast approaching. Once that seed hits the furrow, protecting the opportunity that growing plant offers becomes priority number one.

Making the quick pivot to managing crop protection inputs will be critical this season. Peanut growers are facing a broadening list of challenges, from herbicide resistance to foliar disease and, occasionally, substantial moth migrations. To help growers protect their biggest investment, FMC offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for issues growers encounter throughout the season.

The need for weed management is more critical each season

One highly competitive weed that presents a significant challenge for peanut growers is Palmer amaranth. Its prolific nature and ability to evolve resistance to multiple herbicides has made control even more difficult, making it a top priority for weed control programs. Researchers from North Carolina State University have demonstrated that just one Palmer amaranth plant per meter row can result in a 28% yield loss.

When faced with a troublesome Palmer amaranth population, Josh Mayfield, technical service manager for FMC, encourages growers to seek a herbicide with residual activity. One option he recommends is Anthem® Flex herbicide, a solution for postemergent applications.

“Anthem Flex herbicide offers unparalleled, long-lasting residual control over problematic grasses such as large crabgrass, broadleaf signalgrass and even Texas panicum,” Mayfield explains.


The full package for optimal disease control

When striving to achieve season-long disease control with multiple fungicide applications per season, Nick Michalisin, fungicide product manager for FMC, says growers need to seek fungicides that are proactive in nature and punch above their weight class.

“Lucento® fungicide is a flexible option that can be easily incorporated into any peanut fungicide program,” Michalisin states. “This unique dual mode of action fungicide helps growers stay ahead of peanut diseases before they start by delivering systemic activity against tough diseases.”   

“Lucento fungicide is a combination of flutriafol and bixafen,” explains Michalisin. “The mixture of two modes of action results in a product that not only provides top-notch performance but is also a great tool for resistance management. With this novel fungicide, a grower can expect excellent leaf spot control plus effective white mold activity. This provides added flexibility and convenience to a peanut fungicide program.”


Revolutionizing peanut pest detection and monitoring

Even after diseases and weeds have been planned for, there still is one last leg on the crop protection stool: insects. To help gain a much-needed edge on pests, FMC is transforming the way growers and consultants identify and monitor pests. The solution: Arc Farm Intelligence.

This technology uses predictive modeling based on real-time data from in-field sensors. It enables growers and their advisors to view emerging pest hot spots and target insecticide applications precisely where and when they are most needed.

To Marie Yeager, insecticide product manager for FMC, Arc Farm Intelligence is a tool designed to enhance grower productivity.

“Linking the information from smart traps and Arc Farm Intelligence with solutions like Vantacor® insect control for control of lesser corn stalk borer and other foliar feeding Lepidopterans, can significantly improve efficiencies for growers,” says Yaeger. “Ultimately, this combination of technology and chemistry leads to more effective scouting and appropriately timed applications of Vantacor insect control that can help us reduce unnecessary sprays in-season.”

Regardless of the challenges growers face, FMC has the solutions needed to protect and maximize a peanut grower’s investment. As we enter this season, the FMC toolbox – whether it’s with technology or chemistry – can help growers reach higher yields and crop quality. To learn more about the FMC peanut portfolio, contact a member of the FMC team or visit

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