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Beefs and Beliefs

HSUS Shows Continued Pattern Of Dishonest Behavior

Due to its advertising campaign 68% of Americans clearly think HSUS is related to local "humane shelters" and that it generously supports them.


I despise liars and lying. I have excellent personal reasons but I argue that a liar proves himself untrustworthy in every circumstance.

A friend once told me: "My dad always said if a man will lie to you he'll steal from you."

I remember thinking when he said it that the concept was flawed. I no longer think that. I learned the hard way that my friend's father was right. I also became a much keener observer of the human animal.

The concept my friend was getting at was this: Lying is akin to stealing because it is about fundamental honesty or dishonesty and ultimately about the choice each person must make between which of the two very different paths he or she will walk.

In fact, my friend's father was laying before us a pattern of progression the dishonest person will follow along the dishonest road.

Perhaps not every liar steals but every stealer lies.

I could argue this is much like the peeping tom and the rapist/molester. Psychologists say the peeping tom is not necessarily a rapist but a great many rapists were once peeping toms.

All this brings me in a roundabout way to the latest news about the Humane Society of the United States., is the primary watchdog organization tracking the actions of the financial juggernaut we know "affectionately" as HSUS. The group's newest report on HSUS shows a continued pattern dishonesty by the organization and its leaders. Cutting to the chase, HSUS continues to spend less than 1% of its multi-million-dollar annual budget on donations to pet shelters, despite its ongoing multi-million-dollar ad campaigns which talk almost exclusively about pet suffering, pet euthanasia and the need to give HSUS money so these problems can be alleviated.

Add to that the fact this latest study by Humane Watch shows 68% of Americans clearly think HSUS is related to local "humane shelters" and that it generously supports them. Many supposed HSUS is an umbrella organization for all local humane societies.

Human Watch says it also found in a September 2013 poll of 1,050 self-identified HSUS supporters that 87% of HSUS donors were unaware that HSUS gives just 1% of its budget to local pet shelters.

These patterns has been ongoing many years. That makes it clear HSUS knows what it is doing. Further, if HSUS did not want this result it would change its message.

A lie is a story told to mislead people. Even if the primary elements of a story are told but important details left out in order to mislead, IT IS A LIE! Intent is the issue.

When called on the carpet about not spending more of its money to help pets and pet shelters, CEO Wayne Pacelle said in this video that the organization has "other issues that we want to work on."

Of course, those of us who pay attention to news items about the animal industry know one of those things is to radically change us. In addition, over the years some of those who work in corporate HSUS have been caught privately expounding how they want to eliminate animal industries altogether. Other reports say they want to eliminate all animal ownership.

These statements are hard to document, however. I have tried. And I know people who think because such things appear more rumor than fact they are therefore untrue. Such people have told me HSUS wants the same things all good people want, which is humane and decent treatment of all animals.

Of course that is the HSUS official line. That is their story.

I ask why I should believe that line when the history of the organization is one of dishonest and misleading advertising.

I submit the answer lies in this quote from Walter Williams: "Don't look at the intent. Look at the results."

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