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Yearling Calves Sell For $2,054 Per Head

Yearling Calves Sell For $2,054 Per Head
Despite high prices, holding down costs is still important, says NDSU beef specialist.

The NDSU Dickinson Research and Extension Center's yearling calves brought $2,107 per head this year, reports Kris Ringwall, director of the center and an NDSU Extension beef specialist.

The first set of 34 spayed May-June-born yearling heifers, with an average sale weight of 996 pounds, brought $206.25 per hundredweight for a total average value of $2,054.31 per head live in the ring at the local auction barn, he says.

The first lot of 10 May-June-born yearling steers followed. This group had an average sale weight of 1,069 pounds and brought $205.50 per hundredweight for a total average value of $2,196.80 per head.

May-June born yearlings similar to these in this file photo sold for more than $2,050 per head this fall.

In total, the Dickinson Research Extension Center sold 100 grass yearlings that had an average sale weight of 926 pounds and average per-head value of $1,893.95, so we had a grand total of $189,394.86.

"This is not the first time that feeder cattle are being sought very aggressively," Ringwall says. "What is different is the actual dollars being paid are setting new levels."

Holding costs down is still critical, Ringwall cautions.

"Current costs have not quite caught up with current income, but they will. No matter how much money flows in, efficient beef production by producers is needed to assure a future," he says.

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Source: NDSU Extension Communications
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