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Why Son, We Call that a Tractor Steering Wheel

Why Son, We Call that a Tractor Steering Wheel
Will tractor steering wheels someday hang as relics on walls of shop and farm offices?

In the future, will people scour flea markets and farm junk piles looking for different models of steering wheels?

I saw a tweet the other day that said, "Going old school. Using the markers on my planter." Since then, I have seen that phrase every time I check any social media site.

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I said something to my husband about it and he just gave me that look – "I live old school!" he says. So, what exactly is "old school"?

Apparently to "kids" – yes, I have become that person, old and referring to the younger generation as "kids" while looking over the top of my cheater glasses – going 'old school' encompasses a few things:

Retro or old school: My husband Chris spent part of the winter restoring this John Deere B. Call it old school or vintage, either way I still think it is pretty cool!

Using the steering wheel on a tractor: If you aren't perpetually fascinated by auto-steer you haven't been farming long enough. The idea that something besides you is in control of the direction the tractor is going is amazing and a little scary all at the same time.

Using the markers on the planter:  Some of us still use those things that fold out on the planter with the disc shapes on the end. I can't imagine the satellite signal being lost and my father-in-law having to look at crooked rows all summer. Nobody wants that.

Using a rotary hoe on crusted ground: That is the piece of equipment that sits behind the shed lost in weeds.  They have never seen it used, but Dad and Grandpa adamantly refuse to allow you to take it to the scrap yard.  There will come a day when you are glad they made you hang on to it.

Using equipment older than the operator for important jobs:  My husband spends hours on end in our John Deere 4630 planting our number one cash crop: corn.  It isn't the newest tractor we own and this year he pointed out that the John Deere Sound Guard cab has let its guard down, but dollar for dollar it gets the job done.

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Someday, "new school" will be "old school" and today's "old school" will be "retro" and cool again!

Wait – do kids still say "cool"?

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