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Are you proud to be a farmer?

Are you proud to be a farmer?
North Dakota potato grower Carl Hoverson calls on farmers to take pride in what they do and what they have accomplished.

Larimore, N.D., potato grower Carl Hoverson was recently elected chairman of the United States Potato Board and what he did first might apply to you – even if you don't grow potatoes.

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Upon receiving the gavel, Hoverson addressed the United States Potato Board members and thanked them for electing him as their new chairman, and entrusting him with this opportunity. In a brief and unexpected departure from the meeting program, Hoverson demonstrated what his priorities are for the coming year.

"Who is proud of who they are? Are you proud you grow potatoes?" he asked. "Stand up if you're proud of who you are and where you're from."

Carl Hoverson is challenging potato growers to be proud of who they are and what they've accomplished. Photo courtesy of from Spudman, a magazine adn LinkedIn

With the conference room standing, Hoverson stepped back from the stand, and pulled on a University of North Dakota hockey jersey. He then led the meeting in three cheers for "USA! USA! USA!"

Hoverson's challenge for the USPB was to take pride in organization, take pride in who they are and what they've accomplished. He rallied a new call for team work and doing what's best for the industry, finding new ways for the industry to work together and achieve higher goals.

Hoverson will host the USPB's 2015 Summer Meeting in Grand Forks August 11-14.

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