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News of Agribusiness: Product approved to fight rice pests, TX & LA

Tenchu 20SG, a dinotefuran alternative to pyrethroids, has been approved to protect against the two most damaging species to rice crop.

Belchim Crop Protection USA (Belchim USA), a leading supplier of innovative crop protection products, has announced that Tenchu 20SG is approved for emergency usage in Texas and Louisiana to combat the non-native pest species, the rice delphacid. Rice delphacid (Tagosodes orizicolus) causes direct damage to rice by sucking up plant juices causing “hopperburn” that can lead to systematic dehydration of the plant.

The rice delphacid can also transmit a virus called hoja blanca (RHBV), which turns plants white and reduces yields. Even in instances where only moderate rice delphacid populations are observed, these pests drain the rice plant of valuable resources necessary to achieve maximum yields.

With no local predators, the delphacid population is thriving on rice this season alongside the familiar rice stink bug (RSB). For several years, Tenchu 20SG, has been used in the defense against the RSB population by hindering their feeding properties and reducing the potential damage to crops. Now with 2(ee) registration in Texas and Louisiana, both the RSB and the delphacid can be controlled in these states with the same application of Tenchu 20SG.

“With my background in entomology, I’ve studied just how destructive these pests can be, and I am pleased to offer Tenchu 20SG as a valuable solution in protecting the rice crop against damage caused by the rice delphacid and RSBs,” says Dennis Long, Technical Service and Development Manager – East for Belchim USA. "Growers are thrilled that with a 10+ day residual, only one or two applications are needed for protection per season in contrast to pyrethroids that need several applications per season and are known to be unsafe to aquatic life. Also, pyrethroids are known to reduce natural planthopper predators, causing populations to flare-up and result in further destruction of the rice crop. That’s why when this occurs, growers look to Tenchu 20SG for control.” Says Long, “Customers using Tenchu 20SG have seen first-hand that it provides a cost-effective alternative to pyrethroids with maximum defense to the rice plant, making Tenchu 20SG the sound choice for management of both rice delphacids and RSB starting with the first application.”

“Tenchu 20SG is a gamechanger in the industry,” explains Tom Wood, General Manager of Belchim USA. “Its ability to protect against the two most damaging species to the rice crop makes it an invaluable resource and an additional level of support for our customers in Texas and Louisiana.”

For additional information on Tenchu 20SG, a systemic insecticide containing dinotefuran as its active ingredient, visit the Belchim USA website,

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