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Field research helping establish best management practices for dicamba-tolerant trait

When Monsanto’s new dicamba-tolerant trait is approved for planting, possibly in 2015, farmers will be looking for the best way to use the new technology. Monsanto representatives have been working with the technology in a number of locations and cropping scenarios, including the Monsanto Learning Center in Scott, Miss. The company’s Anthony Mills discussed what researchers are learning during a field day at the center.

When the new technology is finally approved, Monsanto will probably offer both Roundup Ready Xtend, a premix of Roundup and its new dicamba formulation, and XtendiMax, the new dicamba formulation alone. The dicamba compound in both products is a new low-volatility formulation that is designed to reduce the potential for drift to non-target crops.

“At this point in time our intentions are to allow other products from manufacturers of dicamba, the DGA-salt formulation, like Clarity, to be used over dicamba cotton and dicamba soybeans,” says Mills. “We will not allow the DMA salts like Banvel and those types of generics to be used in our system because those salts are very volatile.”

Mills says the base system of herbicides for the dicamba trait in soybeans could be applications of Valor pre-emergence following by a tank mix of Roundup Xtend (glyphosate and the new dicamba formulation) and Warrant. “The only way I could see to cut this back might be to leave out the Warrant, but I like that Warrant in there because that would be another mode of action.”

Another option would be to use dicamba pre-emerge as part of a program. That would include applying XtendiMax and Warrant pre-emergence followed by Roundup Xtend plus Warrant post. “So we have dicamba pre and post and Warrant pre and post, as well,” he said. “That gives us quite a bit of flexibility in our soybean system.

Mills was one of several technology development representatives for Monsanto who spoke at a 2013 Monsanto Learning Experience event at Scott earlier this year. Monsanto is expected to host a number of educational opportunities for growers in preparation for the expected approval of the dicamba-tolerant trait.

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