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Farmers share their story about how Soucy tracks improve their operations.

March 15, 2024

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Soucy tracks improve operations for farmers.
Submitted by Soucy International Inc

When Gilles Soucy, the founder of Soucy, was working in his fields, he wondered how it might be possible to improve the quality of his soil. Inspiration came in 2005 and quickly grew into a major project: offering durable and high-performance track systems for farm equipment.

These are Paul & Ron’s stories. They tell us why they decided to invest in track systems for their farm and how it has improved their operations.


Paul – Johanning Farms

We manage about 8500 acres, mainly growing corn and kidney beans. One thing that sets us apart is that we irrigate our entire farm using a center pivot system.

We recently invested in upgrading our equipment to boost our yields. One of the key improvements we made was adding tracks to our planter. We went with Soucy tracks because they were the only ones compatible with our setup.

The difference has been noticeable. Our planter now follows the tractor much better, especially on hills, and we've seen a reduction in drifting. Plus, we no longer have those pesky wheel tracks marring our fields throughout the growing season.

We've only put the tracks on our planter, but the improvement has been significant across the board. So, when it comes time to upgrade again, you can bet we'll be going with Soucy tracks once more. They've proven to be reliable and effective, making our farming operations smoother and more efficient.

If you're looking to upgrade your equipment and boost your yields, I highly recommend giving Soucy tracks a try. They've certainly made a difference for us here at Johanning Farms.

Ron – Zepick Farms

My name is Ron, and I'm the proud owner of Zepick Farms in Saskatchewan, Canada. Our farm spans across 8000 acres, where we cultivate a variety of crops including wheat, canola, and oats. At Zepick Farms, we are always on the lookout for innovative technologies to enhance our agricultural practices.

One such advancement that has revolutionized our operations is the adoption of track systems for our equipment. Living in an area prone to wet and muddy conditions during spring seeding, we found that traditional tires often struggled to navigate the soft soils, leading to frustrating delays and inefficiencies.

After investing in track systems for our air drill seed and fertilizer tank, we noticed immediate and significant improvements. Gone are the days of getting stuck in the mud during crucial seeding periods. The tracks' superior traction and increased surface area minimize the risk of bogging down, allowing us to work seamlessly even in challenging conditions.

Moreover, the use of track systems has resulted in less rutting across our fields, preserving soil structure and facilitating smoother operations for our equipment. Additionally, we observed that crops emerge quicker behind tracks compared to tires, contributing to higher yields and overall productivity.

Looking ahead, we are committed to continuing our partnership with Soucy track systems. In fact, we are planning to outfit our large liquid fertilizer cart with their tracks, confident in their ability to further optimize our farming operations.

In conclusion, the decision to integrate track systems into our equipment lineup has been instrumental in enhancing our farm's efficiency, productivity, and resilience against adverse weather conditions. We wholeheartedly recommend Soucy track systems to fellow farmers seeking reliable solutions for their agricultural needs.

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