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HUNTING IN STYLE: Carie M. Moore wants more color options for hunting clothes for her and her family.

Hooray for pink hunting clothes

Letter to the editor: North Dakota woman says she'd like to see more color options available for hunting gear.

I take issue with the complaints about pink hunting clothes (“Is pink is the new orange?”).

As a woman hunter and farmer, I have seen my fair share of women’s waterfowl camo that bears either pink, purple, or teal accents. I own my fair share of muddy girl camo for my archery and firearm accessories because it’s an easy way to tell my things from others.

I have known girls and women who will choose clothing that has pink, this also includes ice fishing bibs and coats. I know females who will have their nails done and put on make-up just to go hunting. Hunting shows that include well known women hunters take this to the extreme. Females do it because there will be guys there, or cameras. In today’s world of social media, people are concerned about their appearance more than they were 30 years ago because if they get a 30-point buck they will be plastered all over Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and any other outlet.

Hunting used to be about hand-me-down guns and blood-stained hunting clothes that never fit and had stories behind them. It is now a sport where you buy $1,200 guns and Under Armour clothes and sight in your gun the morning of deer season opener.

Most of my camo clothes are men’s because the selection and price point of most women hunting clothing is so pathetic, and so I’ve had mine for years. If there is another market in order to make more women’s hunting clothing options, awesome.

If states made bullet blue or lime green hunting gear legal as well, I would purchase items in those colors. Why? Because it’s different. I would buy each of my kids a color, then I would know looking across the field where my daughter in pink is, my husband in orange, my one son in green, and my other son in blue.

My daughter has a bright pink Diamond (archery) bow. In her youth group there are others and purple too. I have a bright orange Diamond bow, but I had a hard time choosing orange or the bullet blue. It was a tough call.

Carie M. Moore
Crocus View-Moore Farm
Rock Lake, N.D.

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