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Your spring CHECK list for uniform nutrient application

Use a dependable and innovative fertilizer product like MicroEssentials® to provide you with ROI and your crops with the nutrition they need.

February 1, 2024

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Your crop nutrition spring CHECK list
Submitted by The Mosaic Company

As you map out your spring planning, consider that crop nutrition accounts for up to 60% of crop yield but only about 20% of the total cost of production. The challenge with uneven nutrient application is not knowing how much food is available to crops.

The solution: Uniform nutrient distribution. Maximize what you put into your nutrient investment and time by ensuring that each crop gets the nutrition it needs to thrive this year.

Get nutrients in CHECK

To help growers with uniform nutrient distribution, Dr. Ross Bender, The Mosaic Company’s Director of New Product Development, created a “CHECK” list.

  • Calibrate: Encourage retailers to do calibrations on fertilizer sources they run through bulk spreaders. Efficient nutrient application requires the right blending.

  • Handling: Fertilizer integrity is imperative. Store in a clean, dry location, with a good roof, and in a way that different fertilizers can’t become mixed together.

  • Equipment: Use tools that supply nutrients when the crop needs it, in a way that it can take it up through the roots, to have a better chance of improving efficiency and getting a return on that fertilizer dollar.

  • Confirm: Visually inspect the field after application. Check again right after germination and during early season crop growth to see that the plants look even in development.

  • Knowledge: Stay informed with research and technologies around improved accuracy and speed of uniform application.

Achieve crop nutrition all season long

Get the return on investment you expect: Look for a dependable and innovative fertilizer product to start strong this spring and perform all season.

It should offer:

  • Consistent particle sizes and densities

  • The right kinds of nutrients at the right levels

  • Uniform nutrient distribution

  • Increased nutrient uptake

  • Season-long nutrient availability

MicroEssentials® checks the boxes on all those offerings, which leads to higher yields and increased ROI.

Each granule contains a balanced mix of phosphorus, nitrogen, zinc and two forms of sulfur – sulfate and elemental – for uniform nutrient distribution across your field, season-long sulfur availability and increased nutrient uptake.

Make your mark this year with MicroEssentials. Check it out for uniform nutrient application and season-long success.

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