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Deficiency is a concern in the Midwest; Mosaic Aspire® provides the right amount of nutrition at the root level with season-long availability.

February 15, 2024

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Don't skimp on boron needs this spring
Submitted by The Mosaic Company.

Crops can only benefit from season-long nutrition if you provide it from the beginning. A haphazard plan now could lead to inconsistent returns come fall, so don’t leave this season’s yields to chance.

As daylight gets longer and we head into springtime application, finalize your crop nutrition approach so you can apply fertilizer once the ground is ready.


If you haven’t thought recently about spring planting preparation, consider:

  • Your most recent soil tests – this will show what nutrients are (not) in your soil, giving you a good point of nutrient reference

  • Yields by crop over the past few seasons – notice what worked or could have been better

  • Checking on equipment – ensure it’s in working order, ready when you need it

  • Finalizing crop needs with your retailer and advisor – note if anything has changed since you last spoke that could impact buying decisions

Don’t discount micronutrients

Midwest soil is known for its fertility, but you need to consider replacing what is lacking or was removed last year, and any site-specific considerations.

Look at the levels of your macronutrients – N, P and K – and secondary – Mg, S and Ca – that your soil needs to thrive. Don’t stop there: Look at your small-yet-critical micronutrient levels.

With boron deficiency common in the Corn Belt, finding a solution that can provide crops this nutrient is important for plant:

  • Seed set

  • Cell wall formation

  • Nutrient uptake availability

The fact is that foliar applications of boron may not provide enough of the nutrient during the important early stages of growth. Plants absorb boron through their roots, making availability in the soil crucial.


Eliminate boron challenges with Mosaic Aspire

Micronutrients have a narrow range between deficiency and toxicity, so choose a fertilizer that provides the right amount of nutrients, in the right dose, at the right time, all in one granule.

Granular boron can end up concentrated to toxic levels, leading to “hot spots” within the field. Since foliar fertilizers aren’t applied at the root level, plants don’t receive nutrients where they need it.

A soil-applied fertilizer will give your crops boron right at the roots, helping them thrive at critical growth moments throughout this season.


Aspire addresses boron challenges with its technology, fusing into each granule two forms of boron – quick-release sodium borate and gradual-release calcium borate – with potassium at a precise ratio. Rest assured that each plant has access to balanced, season-long nutrition for maximum yield potential.

Finalize your plan now for this spring and all growing season. Set up your fields for their best chance at high yields. Talk with your retailer about Aspire.

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