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A typical February week in the Corn Belt

Between rains we managed to get in the field, repair equipment, and update balance sheets.

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February 24, 2023

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Pile of chicken litter
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Shop work was paused this week as weather Monday and Tuesday provided an opportunity to get outside and in the fields. Dad spent those two days spreading chicken litter out of our storage buildings. He probably burned through half of what we had left.

With tight supply, we don’t expect to get much more until late spring or summer. We have lowered rates a little and are trying to stretch product across more acres. With the forecast for substantial rain, we chose fields with cover crop or high residue so that the manure would be held in place.

I spent a day and a half changing the transport wheel bearings on the strip till rig. Last fall I was literally feet from the winter storage destination when the bearings went out. I limped it the rest of the way and pulled the pin. While doing so, the wheel wobbled so much it knocked off the valve stem and one of the tires went flat. With unseasonably mild temperatures, (and since I had to move the tractor from in front of the manure pile anyway), I decided it would be a good time to make that repair. I just didn’t know it would take that long!

I tore it apart and had to cut bearings off on Monday. Tuesday, I was able to find the wheel hub and bearings at a local welding shop, get the tire repaired, and put everything back together. I’m definitely glad we weren’t on the road when it broke.

Wednesday the rain came in so that became bookwork day. Dad and I both did a final review of 2022 and sent the books off to the accountant so that taxes can be prepared. I spent some time compiling balance sheets and other information the bank requests every year. Office work spilled into Thursday, then after a lunch meeting at the local Co-op, we pretty much called it a day and decided shop work would start again Friday.

We got started on the corn planter last Friday. It will take several more days to finish it up.

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