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11 things a farmer needs to hear today

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NEVER FORGET: You’re more than the ground you farm and the animals you raise.
Life can be hard even when it’s good — including harvest. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

I was thinking this morning how life can be hard, even when it’s good. And it can be especially hard in the middle of harvest — even when it’s good. So in case you need the reminder, and in no particular order:

1. Everybody has a junk pile. Metaphorically and also behind the machine shed. It’s OK.

2. You are a farmer. But it’s still not who you are. Don’t confuse your life and your work.

3. Nobody’s perfect, so stop being afraid you won’t do things perfectly. And anyway, perfect is boring.

4. Don’t let your harvest determine your happiness.

5. Family over farm. Especially when something breaks down.

6. Being human isn’t hard because you’re doing it wrong. It’s hard because you’re doing it right. That won’t change, so stop thinking it was supposed to be easy.

7. Smile. Be kind. Don’t give up. Even when you’re weaning calves.

8. Every 15-minute job is one broken bolt away from taking two days. It’s OK to accept the possibilities in life and still avoid them.

9. Tell somebody “thank you.” Like, right now. Maybe the auger cart driver.

10. Livestock and weather will be the greatest detriments to any plans you ever make. But make the plans anyway.

11. You are more than the animals you raise and the ground you farm.

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