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Fundraisers coming for local and statewide efforts.

Tom J Bechman 1, Editor, Indiana Prairie Farmer

January 23, 2007

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How many of you reading this story once belonged to 4-H, FFA or both? Be honest. Yes, there are lots of hands going up all over Indiana. How many of you benefited from your experiences in those organizations for youth? Sure, hands stay up. Finally, how many of you have children or grandchildren in one or both of these leadership-making groups? Still lots of hands up out there.

OK, how many of you have bought fruit from an FFA member, flowers form a 4-H'er, or donated money to the state foundation of either group within the last 12 months? A lot of hands stay up, but some don't. Both groups continually need support, sometimes more than others, and now is your chance to give back to one or both. After all the goal is to make sure these organizations are vibrant and healthy when the next generation of young people in agriculture reach the age for showing livestock or judging in FFA contests, or giving speeches or demonstrations in one organization or maybe both. They need the same opportunity to develop leadership skills and work ethics that you developed through your involvement in these organizations.

Many 4-H clubs across Indiana will hold fund-raising events as the 4-H club season heats up this spring. One activity common to many is selling flowers, often geraniums. Funds raised often go to support Junior Leaders activities for older 4-H members, or club supplies for local clubs.

Here's one example. The Allen County 4-H Clubs are going to sell 4-inch potted geraniums this spring. You get a choice of colors: red, salmon, white, pink and now even fuschia. Best part is these plants are only a buck each!

Or you can order hanging baskets for the porch available in a variety of plants and colors. Each 10- inch basket sells for $12.

You can order until March 30, assuming supplies aren't exhausted. Pickup will be Thursday, May 10 at the Allen County Fairgrounds located north of Ft. Wayne, and south of Huntertown, just off Indiana State Road 3. Many other counties will offer similar 4-H sales, either in a countywide effort or through local clubs. Consult your local Extension office for information.

The Indiana FFA Foundation is in need of funds once again to bolster the organization, and maintain a quality leadership program for FFA members. One responsibility of the Foundation is maintaining the Indiana FFA Leadership center at Trafalgar, south of Indianapolis, complete with its wide array of leadership development programs.

Tim Newcomb, an employee of Becks Hybrids, Atlanta, is involved with a special committee organizing a tractor drive to raise money for the Indiana FFA. Plans call for 100 tractors to drive from downtown Indianapolis tot the Indiana FFA Leadership Center, some 30+ miles away. Each person driving in the tractorcade will pay $100 for the privilege, with proceeds going to the Indiana FFA. Other opportunities for those who can't drive to participate and help fund the FFA this year are also planned. Watch for details soon here on the Website, or visit with a representative of your local FFA chapter.

Just remember it's not only Girl Scouts with something to sell or a good cause to further this time of year. Save some of your money to help support youth groups that directly serve folks related to agriculture.

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Tom J Bechman 1

Editor, Indiana Prairie Farmer

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