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Strip-Till New Products 18337Strip-Till New Products

New carts, toolbars, and attachments to handle high residue are included in a roundup of what's new from strip-till manufacturers.

July 16, 2013

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Hiniker 6000 Strip-Till

The Hiniker 6000ST is available as a complete system or as a set of attachments for the Hiniker 6000 cultivator. Granular or liquid fertilizer dispensing systems are available with the lift assist or fertilizer carts. The adjustment high tensile steel shank works at depth of 6 to 9 inches. The 18-inch discs easily capture ripped soil and place it into the berm. Each row unit of the 6000 is affixed to the toolbar with a rugged linkage permitting 8-inches of vertical travel of each independent row unit. Built-in auto reset provides up to 10 inches of obstacle clearance. Dual gauge wheels provide depth control and residue management. Each oscillating rubber tired wheel holds down residue while a spring cushioned coulter cuts ahead of the shank. Other features include adjustable width berming discs. Rolling baskets and row cleaners are optional equipment. For more information, contact Hinikier Company, Mankota, Minn., at (507) 625-6621 or see www.hiniker.com

Elmer's Manufacturing tackles narrow rows

The new Narrow Strip-till Bander from Elmer's Manufacturing allows precise fertilizer band placement in 20- or 22-inch rows. The 16-,18- or 24-row NSB line is designed to handle high residue corn-on-corn conditions. The fertilizer application shanks are spaced to provide excellent trash flow at any operating speed. Features include a heavy-duty 1,300 pound trip shank design that permits independent adjustments to the trip pressure and knife penetration angle. These adjustments give the operator more options in maintaining a constant fertilizer placement depth, particularly with varying soil conditionsThe dual function mole knives or hard suface knives enable anhydrous and dry fertilizer to be applied in a single pass operation. Residue is sized with 20-inch fixed or single pivot coulters. The single pivots' unique "torsion flex" design eliminates the need for springs, reducing moving parts and maintenance costs. The NSB's standard 18-inch berm discs can be adjusted to three ifferent working widths, each with eight pitch settings. Optional equipment includes 13-inch rash cleaners and large diameter rolling baskets to create a berm that will maximize soil-to-seed contact. For more information, contact Elmer's Manufacturing, Altona, MB, at 204-324-6263 or see www.elmersmfg.mb.ca.  

Yetter introduces rolling basket attachments
Yetter Manufacturing introduces a rolling basket attachment for strip till openers.

The baskets condition the seedbed for easier planting by breaking up large soil clods on the surface and leaving finer soils in the seedbed for optimal seed-to-soil contact. The unique U-shaped crossbar design shapes and firms the soil berm, creating a smooth, level zone for consistent seed placement. The basket are spring-loaded to float independently the soil openers. Down force on the spring can be adjusted to match soil conditions, and the basket can be locked up when not needed. The welded-steel basket measures 14 inches in diameter and mounts on the Yetter's Maverick Opener or openers from other manufacturers. Each basket rotates on two sealed bearings designed for high-speed operation. The baskets pivot points can be greased for longer wear life, and they have replaceable steel bushings. For more information, contact Yetter Manufacturing, Colchester, Illinois, at 309-776-4111 or see the Web site, www.yetterco.com.  

New Blu-Jet geared for high rates, residue

Thurston Manufacturing's new Blu-Jet AT6010 Commercial Class Fertilizer Injection Applicator applies high rates of nitrogen (N) in high residue and covers lots of acres quickly. The heavy-duty 6"x 6" tubular frame is designed with a downward and upward flex capability of nearly 12 vertical feet on 60-foot swath widths, making uniform depth placement over uneven terrain more achievable. Available rocking dual wheels with large tractor style tires on the center section and two single hydraulic gauge wheels on each wing maximize flotation while reducing soil compaction caused by large equipment. Transport width remains is 16.5'. Row units are best configured with the BLU-JET MaxPac spring bundle to help ensure accurate depth in heavy soil types with rocks. SCS2000 spring bundles are available for lighter soils and less rocky conditions. For regions without obstructions, a direct shank mounting is also available. Row unit options include configurations for pre-plant, sidedress, and strip-till. The number of row units available on 30" spacing include 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, or 25. Twenty-inch spacing includes 24, 25 or 36 rows and on 15" spacing 35, 37, and 45 rows are offered. For more information, contact Thurston Manufacturing, Thurston, Neb., at 800-658-3127 or see www.blu-jet.com.

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All coulters on Soil Warrior

The new Soil Warrior from Environmental Tillage Systems handles fall and spring zone tillage with ease. Unlike many tillage machines that use a mole knife, disk shaped closing coulters and leveling or crumbling devices, the Soil Warrior uses only coulters. Two wavy coulters cut through the residue and are followed by the two notched containment coulters. The coulters are kept in the ground by a single pneumatic spring that provides the down pressure. A hydraulic powered compressor supplies the air pressure, which is regulated from the tractor seat to match soil conditions. Liquid or dry fertilizer can be placed behind the main tillage coulters placing the fertilizer, where it is needed, in the growing zone. Each row unit operates independently and maintains constant down pressure. Operating depth is controlled by changing settings on a gauge wheel.

To learn more about the Soil Warrior, see it at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, on Aug. 26-28.

For more information contact ETS, Faribault, Minn., at 507-332-2231or [email protected] or see the Web site at www.soilwarrior.com.

Unverferth promotes no-skip innovation
Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc., extends its tillage equipment line with the new model 530 Zone-Stripper tillage tool. This innovative tool provides tillage up to 10-inch deep and its auto-reset, straight-leg shank design provides minimal surface disturbance. Independently mounted strip-till units with parallel linkages provide maximum tillage action without the skips. The strip-till units are width- and angle-adjustable and are available with notched or smooth concave coulters, which create a 15-inch strip of soil. A choice of straight-bladed Rolling Harrow baskets for leveling and mixing action, or concave bladed Rolling Harrow baskets for mounding the zone completes the tillage trip, leaving a ready-to-plant surface.

Shank-mounted fertility application is available for in-row deep nutrient placement for liquid or dry fertilizer. The available frame-mounted, pull-type rear hitch provides convenient connection for towing a fertilizer trailer. Dual, coulter-mounted concave row cleaners are also available for added residue clearing. Optional row markers with notched blades provide a highly visible mark for accurate row placement.

The Zone-Stripper is available in six, eight and twelve row sizes on 30" widths and features a high-quality, powder-coat finish in red or green for meeting producer's preferences. Its mainframe features a 6" x 6" steel toolbar for maximum durability and longevity.

Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a leading, family owned manufacturer of tillage implements, grain, hay and manure handling equipment as well as agricultural dual and specialty changeover wheels. For additional information contact Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Kalida, Ohio, at 800-322-6301 or 419-532-3121 or see the Web site , www.unverferth.com.  

New Deere stripper built for heavy residue

John Deere's 2510S Strip-Till Residue Master Applicator is designed to work heavy corn-on-corn situations in a 30-inch row configuration. Features include 25-inch coulters on 15-inch spacings mounted on a hydraulically adjustable rockshaft. Active hydraulic down force maintains constant pressure on the coulters for maximum cutting and sizing of residue. An adjustable valve located on the front of the machine allows a producer to easily change cutting depths, depending on residue levels. Spring-cushioned 16-inch row cleaners remove residue from the row ahead of the nutrient shank. The notched disk blade on the row cleaners can be adjusted vertically depending on how aggressively the cleaners need to operate. The nutrient shanks have a 1,300-pound trip force to allow faster operating speeds while maintaining a consistent seedbed and nutrient placement in the root zone. The maximum operating depth is 10 inches and the shanks are able to trip over obstacles and then reset back to operating depth. A rolling basket attachment to size clods and shape and firm the berm is an option. The rolling baskets have a spring-pressure adjustment to change the amount of firming that takes place. The rolling baskets are mounted with a single arm down the middle of the baskets, providing more clearance and improving residue flow. The 2510S is equipped with a rear hitch and can tow up to 25,000 pounds and is designed to handle anhydrous tanks or liquid carts. It maintains a constant height when raising and lowering the applicator to keep the wagon tongue level.

For more information, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit the Web site at www.JohnDeere.com/Ag.

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New steerable cart debuts
Remlinger Manufacturing and Valmar Corporation have teamed up to produce the new Auto Track Steerable Cart and dry fertilizer blower system for strip tillage systems. This new unit features has a capacity of 6 tons and will match up to 8-,12-, and 16-row strip till machines. The cart will follow directly behind the strip-till toolbar without driving over the strips. For more information contact Remlinger Manufacturing, Kalida, Ohio, at 800-537-7370 or see the Web site, www.remlingermfg.com.  

Wil-Rich toolbar for strip till

The new Wil-Rich Folding Tool Bar is a heavy toolbar up to 60 feet in width that can be used for heavy duty applications, including strip-tillage and planting. It's a forward folding toolbar made out of 7 x 7-inch tube. The tongue is made out of 12 x 12-inch tube and a 10 x 10-inch telescoping tube. Hydraulic folding wings rotate up 90 degrees for narrow transport. Hydraulics include lift sequencing cylinders, two wing fold cylinders and four tool bar tilt cylinders. Optional equipment includes a 2,000 gallon liquid tank or a 280 bushel tank, hydraulic jack and rear towing hitch. For more information, call Wil-Rich, Wahpeton, N.D., at (800) 688-3300 or see www.wil-rich.com/toolbar/foldingtb.asp

Micro-tubes can deliver fertilizer in strip-till
Strip tilling, in combination with precision liquid fertilizer placement, increased yields and cut costs in company trials conducted in Nebraska.

The average yield of the strip till plots was 179 bushels/acres, while the conventional till plots yielded an average of 154 bushels per acre.

The trial was conducted at the Orthman Research Farm in Lexington, Neb. Orthman manufacturers strip-till and other tillage equipment. "We estimate that strip till costs approximately $18 per acre, while conventional till can cost up to $45 per acre even before planting," says Mike Petersen, Orthman Manufacturing precision tillage specialist.

Researchers used a network of small, flexible yet durable polypropelene plastic tubes made by Agri-Inject, Inc., Yuma, Colo., a manufacturer of fertigation equipment. The flow pump is controlled from the tractor cab and can be varied according to the soil type, grade and other factors. For more information on the micro-tube system, contact Agri-Inject at 970-848-5336 or Web site www.agri-inject.com.  

New Atlas Cart

Orthman's Manufacturing's new Atlas Cart can be equipped with a 6 ton dry fertilizer bulk tank or two 500 gallon liquid fertilizer tanks. The Atlas Cart and the hydraulic delivery system can be used in 30-, 36-, 38-, and 40-inch row spacing with Orthman's 1tRIPr strip-till implement, and virtually any 7-inch square toolbar on the market. Various models of the Atlas Cart lifting drawbar hitch will attach directly to an Orthman 1550 double toolbar CAT 3 or 4 hitch or an Orthman CAT 3/3N 5x7 hitch. For more information, contact Orthman Manufacturing, Lexington, Neb., at 308.324.4654 or see www.orthman.com

Schlagel's Till-N-Plant 2 strips and plants

Schlagel Manufacturing's Till-N-Plant 2 and Planter Caddy offers one-pass strip tilling and planting. The Till-N-Plant 2 is easy to adjust for conditions and comes standard with large diameter coulters and mechanical auto-reset trip shanks. The semi-parabolic shank design pulls easier without slabbing and each unit's shank, two wavy coulters and light packer wheels work in conjunction to create a seedbed free of voids. The Till-N-Plant 2 is a heavy-built machine that can stand up to high horsepower tractors and can till from 5 to 16-inches deep and dual-place fertilizer simultaneously. Wing bars fold up to 157 degrees for low machine height. The PC-4000 Series Planter Caddy carries the Till-N-Plant 2 machine, the planter, and large fertilizer loads with ease. The Till-N-Plant 2 machine line is available in 4-row up to 16-row models. The Planter Caddy is available with pull-type or three-point hitches and four or six wheels. four to sixteen row models and the Planter Caddy is available with a pull-type or three-point hitch and in a four- or six-wheel configuration. For more information, contact Schlagel Manufacturing, Torrington, Wyo., at 888-889-1504 or see the Web site www.schlagel.net.

Looking for new equipment?  We have compiled into one spot, more than 200 new products featured at the big farm shows just for you. 

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