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State winners in national wheat contest announcedState winners in national wheat contest announced

Growers from 27 states entered the contest.

November 13, 2017

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The state winners for the 2017 National Wheat Yield Contest have been announced. Growers from 27 states entered the contest, making this the largest listing to date of state winners. 

“It’s great to see winners from such states as Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia who aren’t commonly known for producing wheat,” stated NWF Board President and North Carolina wheat grower Phil McLain. “It demonstrates the versatility of the crop which can grow in these states as well as in states like Kansas and Washington.”

The contest recognizes the overall high yield winner for each state (those submitted) in two primary competition categories: winter wheat and spring wheat, and two subcategories: dryland and irrigated.  

“NWF would like to thank each grower for enrolling in the NWYC and our sponsors for helping to make the contest available to wheat growers in the US,” continued McLain. “Seventy-one state winners are recognized in this release and we hope that this number will continue to grow and include wheat farmers from states not recognized in this year’s winners.”

This year’s state winners per category: 

Winter Wheat – Irrigated

  • Chad Henderson, 1st Place Alabama; 101,78 Bu/A with Pioneer 26R10

  • James Parsons, 1st Place California; 117.63 Bu/A with Desert King

  • Marc Arnusch, 1st Place Colorado; 162.17 Bu/A with WestBred WB4303

  • Jerry Cooksey, 2nd Place Colorado; 161.01 Bu/A with Plains Gold Langin

  • Randall Willin, 1st Place Delaware; 102.96 Bu/A with USG 3404

  • Rick Pearson, 1st Place Idaho; 152.10 Bu/A with AgriPro Ovation

  • Nathan Franklin, 1st Place Kansas; 144.07 Bu/A with WestBred WB-CEDAR

  • Neil Bekemeyer, 2nd Place Kansas; 96.20 Bu/A with AgriPro SY Monument

  • John Willin, 1st Place Maryland; 110.76 Bu/A with USG 3404

  • Travis Freeburg, 1st Place Nebraska; 113.35 Bu/A with AgriPro AP503

  • Lloyd Meeske, 2nd Place Nebraska; 138.03 Bu/A with Plains Gold Snowmass

  • Eric Eachus, 1st Place New Jersey; 114.61 Bu/A with Dyna-Gro Shirley

  • Nathan Rea, 1st Place Oregon; 161.99 Bu/A with Limagrain Drive

  • Nathan Rea, 2nd Place Oregon; 142.44 Bu/A with OR State/Limagrain Norwest Duet

  • Johnny Verell, 1st Place Tennessee; 117.90 Bu/A  with Pioneer 26R40

  • Phillip Gross, 1st Place Washington; 184.29 Bu/A with Limagrain JET

  • David Gross, 2nd Place Washington; 170.40 Bu/A with Limagrain JET

  • Jason Beechinor, 3rd Place Washington; 161.94  Bu/A with Limagrain JET

  • Ty Anderson, 1st Place Wyoming; 146.52 Bu/A with WY Crop Research Cowboy

Winter Wheat – Dryland

  • Stuart Sanderson, 1st Place Alabama; 107.83 Bu/A with Pioneer 26R10

  • Dusty Tallman, 1st Place Colorado; 72.80 Bu/A with Plains Gold Byrd

  • Marc Arnusch, 2nd Place Colorado; 109.02 Bu/A with WestBred WB4721

  • Nick Midcap, 3rd Place Colorado; 86.52 Bu/A with WestBred WB-GRAINFIELD

  • Mark Krausz, 1st Place Illinois; 130.60 Bu/A with AgriMaxx 463

  • Mark Krausz, 2nd Place Illinois; 125.65 Bu/A with AgriMaxx 454

  • Dale Wehmeyer, 3rd Place Illinois; 126.97 Bu/A with AgriMaxx 444

  • Douglas Morehouse, 1st Place Indiana; 115.57 Bu/A with Croplan 9606

  • Brandon Friesen, 1st Place Kansas; 115.26 Bu/A with WestBred WB-GRAINFIELD

  • Tyler Ediger, 2nd Place Kansas; 110.98 Bu/A with WestBred WB4303

  • Alec Horton, 3rd Place Kansas; 95.30 Bu/A with WestBred WB-GRAINFIELD

  • Jeff Coke, 1st Place Kentucky; 118.55 Bu/A with Pioneer 25R50

  • Scot Poffenberger, 1st Place Maryland; 97.82 Bu/A with Pioneer 25R40

  • Nick Suwyn, 1st Place Michigan; 146.73 Bu/A with AgriPro SY100

  • Dennis Philpot, 2nd Place Michigan; 138.38 Bu/A with Dyna-Gro 9242W

  • Kevin Noffsinger, 3rd Place Michigan; 127.50 Bu/A with Dyna-Gro 9242W

  • John Nicks, 1st Place Missouri; 109.89 Bu/A with AgriMaxx 444

  • Mark Peterson, 2nd Place Missouri; 113.39 Bu/A with Pioneer 25R50

  • Todd Hansen, 1st Place Montana; 49.38 Bu/A with WestBred Keldin

  • Alan Baucom, 1st Place North Carolina; 96.20 Bu/A with Pioneer 26R41

  • Robbie Umphlett, 2nd Place North Carolina; 107.83 Bu/A with USG 3404

  • Wesley Moore, 3rd Place North Carolina; 95.32 Bu/A with USG 3523

  • Mark Knobel, 1st Place Nebraska; 119.00 Bu/A with AgriPro SY Sunrise

  • Edward Evertson, 2nd Place Nebraska; 109.29 Bu/A with Plains Gold Antero

  • Richard Keiser, 3rd Place Nebraska; 109.61 Bu/A with Plains Gold Antero

  • Eric Eachus, 1st Place New Jersey; 119.18 Bu/A with Dyna-Gro Shirley

  • Sam Santini, 2nd Place New Jersey; 115.01 Bu/A with FS Brand FS865

  • Douglas Goyings, 1st Place Ohio; 105.75 Bu/A with Strike 403

  • Matt Schupbach, 1st Place Oklahoma; 94.70 Bu/A with Westbred WB430

  • Raymond Parrish, 2nd Place Oklahoma; 76.99 Bu/A with WestBred WB-GRAINFIELD

  • Chris Ledbetter, 3rd Place Oklahoma; 102.03 Bu/A with WestBred WB4303

  • Jason Beechinor, 1st Place Oregon; 158.33 Bu/A with Limagrain JET

  • Leslie Bowman, 1st Place Pennsylvania; 110.97 Bu/A with Pioneer 25R74

  • Brian Kreider, 2nd Place Pennsylvania; 125.32 Bu/A with Pioneer 25R77

  • Jim Hershey, 3rd Place Pennsylvania; 120.62 Bu/A with Pioneer 25R32

  • Johnny Verell, 1st Place Tennessee; 106.26 Bu/A with Pioneer 26R59

  • Brad Burks, 2nd Place Tennessee; 110.70 Bu/A with Croplan 9415

  • Carl Schultz, 3rd Place Tennessee; 103.65 Bu/A with AgriPro SY Viper

  • Heath Cutrell, 1st Place Virginia; 94.40 Bu/A with Dyna-Gro Shirley

  • Brian Cochrane, 1st Place Washington; 92.00 Bu/A with WaState Otto

  • Brett Blankenship, 2nd Place Washington; 102.66 Bu/A with ORState ORCF10

  • Nathan Rea, 3rd Place Washington; 148.83 Bu/A with Limagrain JET

  • Travis Freeburg, 1st Place Wyoming; 62.45 Bu/A with AgriPro SY Wolf

Spring Wheat – Irrigated 

  • Terry Wilcox, 1st Place Idaho; 143.91 Bu/A with WestBred WB9668

  • Dallin Wilcox, 2nd Place Idaho; 142.14 Bu/A with WestBred WB9668

  • Brad Parks, 3rd Place Idaho; 141.46 Bu/A with WestBred WB9668

  • Dan Mills, 1st Place Oregon; 137.85 Bu/A with WestBred Solano

  • James Getzinger, 1st Place Washington; 152.55 Bu/A with Westbred Solano

Spring Wheat – Dryland 

  • Doug Stout, 1st Place Idaho; 114.05 Bu/A with WestBred WB9668

  • Paul Solem, 1st Place Minnesota; 103.42 Bu/A with WestBred WB9479

  • Jared Sands, 2nd Place Minnesota; 110.64 Bu/A with WestBred WB9590

  • Kevin Larson, 3rd Place Minnesota; 88.96 Bu/A with U of MN Linkert

  • John Yerger, 1st Place Montana; 58.78 Bu/A with Croplan 3100

  • Jon Iverson, 1st Place North Dakota; 97.57 Bu/A with Croplan 3530

  • Jon Rethemeier, 2nd Place North Dakota; 93.71 Bu/A with WestBred WB9479

  • John and Sam Hofer, 3rd Place North Dakota; 85.20 Bu/A with Westbred WB9653

  • Robert Holzwarth, 1st Place South Dakota; 102.58 Bu/A with U of MN Bolles

  • Kurt Druffel, 1st Place Washington; 90.86 Bu/A with WestBred WB9229

  • Kurt Druffel, 2nd Place Washington; 85.80 Bu/A with WestBred WB9662 

The sponsors for the 2017 National Yield Contest are BASF, Croplan/Winfield, Indigo Ag, John Deere, McGregor, Monsanto, and Syngenta. 

The national and state winners will be recognized at the 2018 Commodity Classic in Anaheim, California, Feb. 27–March 1.  Official rules and entry details for the 2018 Contest will be available by Jan. 1, 2018, at http://www.yieldcontest.wheatfoundation.org/. 

Source: National Wheat Foundation

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