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Take unpredictability out and put flexibility in your wheat weed control program with Quelex® herbicide with Arylex® Active from Corteva Agriscience.

April 1, 2024

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Stay clean with optimum wheat weed control
Submitted by Corteva Agriscience

With the unpredictability of weather across the southwestern United States, farmers need all the flexibility they can get when it comes to the herbicides they select for weed control in wheat. One product gaining a well-deserved reputation based on performance is Quelex® herbicide with Arylex® active, a Group 4 synthetic auxin mechanism, from Corteva Agriscience. It can be applied in warm and cold temperatures, offers a broad range of application options, and provides crop rotation flexibility that opens the door to design an overall more successful weed control program.

With two modes of action, Quelex herbicide includes the active ingredient Arylex active, with florasulam, which places another invaluable mode-of-action tool in any farmer’s production toolbox. With efficacy on henbit, shepherdspurse, mustards, flixweed, pigweed, lambsquarters, geranium and marestail, Quelex herbicide controls 28 broadleaf weeds.

“Combining strength with flexibility, Quelex herbicide with Arylex active provides optimum control,” says Drew Clark, Corteva Agriscience product manager for cereal herbicides. “You gain the freedom to customize your weed management program through crop rotation flexibility and a broad range of application options.” 

Additional flexibility comes from Quelex herbicide having a three-month crop rotation interval to soybeans, field corn and cotton. It delivers immediate and long-term weed control in wheat and is especially tough on costly ALS- and glyphosate-resistant weeds. Weed scientists continue to underscore the necessity of using multiple modes of action to delay the development of herbicide resistance in weeds. A well-balanced and effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan should include a complete lineup of reliable herbicide options, including Quelex herbicide.

“Farmers can base applications on their weed control needs rather than on a weather forecast. The Arylex active component degrades rapidly in the soil, providing an even wider window of flexibility options. It can be applied in the spring or fall early postemergence in the two- to four-leaf stage on actively growing weeds shorter than 4 inches,” Clark says.

Visit or talk with your Corteva Agriscience sales representative to learn more about this crop protection solution. 

™ ® Trademarks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliated companies. Quelex® is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Arylex® is a registered active ingredient. Always read and follow label directions. ©2024 Corteva.  020166  BR (03/24)  CAAG4CRLS058

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