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OceanFeed Swine launched in North America.

March 3, 2017

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With pork and livestock producers learning to get along without using antibiotics for animal growth and feed efficiency after the Veterinary Feed Directive took effect with the new year, the best alternative may exist within seaweed.

Ocean Harvest Technology, a global company producing patent-protected animal feed solutions centered on the bioactive ingredients present in different seaweeds, has launched OceanFeed Swine in North America.

“As the first patented, all-natural, seaweed-based, animal feed ingredient, OceanFeed is already being utilized by farmers around the world to improve the health of animals and we are delighted to be officially bringing OceanFeed Swine to North America,” said Patrick Martin, co-founder and CEO of Ocean Harvest Technology.

“I have dedicated more than 25 years of my life to study the 13,000 types of seaweed in our oceans and have isolated a specific group that, in certain blends, harness the amazing bioactive properties of seaweed to improve animal health and nutrition,” explained Dr. Stefan Kraan, co-founder and scientific director of Ocean Harvest Technology. “Introducing OceanFeed to animals’ diets has been proven to significantly improve the gut health and immune system and is a natural alternative for certain antibiotics and growth promoters used in the animal feed sector.”

OceanFeed Swine delivers:

  • A 100% natural, sustainable product

  • Reduced need for antibiotics and selective growth promoters

  • Significant improvement in animal health and welfare due to more effective nutrient uptake

  • Lower animal mortality rates

  • Improved fertility rates

  • Increased production yields and lower costs

  • Positive environmental impacts due to improved gut health and reduced animal waste

  • Excellent meat quality with better taste

“In my roles as a pork producer, a scientist, and a leader in the U.S. swine industry, I am well aware of the need for new tools to improve the efficiency and health of our livestock,” explained Dr. David Newman PhD, farmer and co-owner of Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork, and associate professor of animal sciences at Arkansas State University. “Millions of swine face health issues in the U.S. every year, creating substantial additional costs for producers including, purchasing pharmaceuticals, additional labor, and veterinary oversight. I believe many producers would use a non-antibiotic feed ingredient, at a reasonable cost, to prevent such health challenges."

Source: Ocean Harvest Technology

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