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John Deere 2633 disk
PRECISE TILLAGE: Till to within 0.1 inch of your goal for working depth with the technology built into this Model 2633 Disk from John Deere.

New tillage tools feature precision control

New John Deere disk lines and disk ripper models feature high-tech adjustment features.

Precision control is likely not a term you associate with tillage tools, especially disks and disk rippers. John Deere changes that by introducing new lines that feature what the company calls TruSet technology.

TruSet allows operators to adjust both working depth and operating pressure in as little as six seconds, rather than the 10 minutes it once took to make manual adjustments, according to Jarred Karnel, John Deere product marketing manager.

But the precision capability offered by this new technology goes deeper than just fingertip controls in the cab, Karnel says. Coupled with the John Deere precision platform, TruSet can accurately map and store depth, speed and down pressure information on each field. It provides a whole new layer of information that can be coupled with other crop data from the field so you can make better management decisions.

TILLAGE CONTROL: You can change working depth and pressure from the cab, plus see performance parameters, with John Deere’s TruSet technology.

New disk series
John Deere introduces four distinct models in the 2630 disk series. They include the 2630 Disk, 2633 Disk, 2635 Disk and 2633 Vertical Tillage implement, spokespeople say. Which model you choose depends upon your goals in penetrating the soil, mixing residue and preparing a seedbed, Karnel says.

The 2630 Disk is available in working widths from 20 feet, 9 inches to 49 feet, 3 inches. It’s focused toward lighter soils and seedbed preparation. The 2633 Disk can be used for primary or secondary tillage and can work up to 6 inches deep.  

Karnel describes the 2635 Disk model as a primary tillage workhorse. It’s designed to work effectively up to 8 inches deep. The 2633 Vertical Tillage model can operate up to 7 miles per hour in the field.

“The new 2630 Series tillage tools are designed to easily handle a wide variety of soil and residue conditions with unprecedented control, while providing years of reliable performance,” Karnel says.

Latest disk ripper
The 2720 Disk Ripper is the newest disk ripper from John Deere, and it also features TruSet technology. TruSet first appeared on Deere’s 2730 Combo Ripper in 2015. Just as it does for the disk line, it allows precise control from the cab for the 2720 Disk Ripper. Adjustments can be made down to 0.1inch accuracy in working depth. Pressure adjustments can range from zero to 900 pounds per square inch.

The idea is to make it easier to adjust the implement to fit soil conditions across the field. For example, Karnel says you may want to run deeper in compacted areas, but shallower on lighter soils on hillsides.

RIP TO PRECISE DEPTH: Set depth where you want it on this new Model 2720 Disk Ripper, and adjust it on the go from the cab.

Just as it does for the new disk series, TruSet provides the ability to record actual working information for the 2620 Disk Ripper. It literally maps tillage information for each field.

While announcing these new disks and the new disk ripper, John Deere also notes that TruSet technology can be added to several late-model Deere tillage tools already in the field. Besides the Combo Ripper, they include the 2230 Field Cultivator, 2330 Mulch Finisher, 2620 Series Disks and Vertical Tillage tools, plus the 2510H Nutrient Applicator line.

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