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Tool smooths over tile lines after installation

Shaper Pro by Soil-Max
SMOOTH AND SHAPE: Say goodbye to rough spots over tile lines that often linger for a while after new tile is installed. Smooth and shape up the soil over tile lines with this new machine.
Editors’ Choice: This machine not only levels, but also shapes ground over tile lines.

New tile installed in a pattern design can improve the productivity of a field. Almost everyone knows that. But everyone also knows that if you install tile, especially with a tile plow, there may be rough spots to level out in the area where each tile was installed. If not leveled out properly, it may be a while before you’re riding smoothly over those parts of the field again.

Soil-Max took a giant step toward eliminating that bobble in the system by introducing the Shaper Pro implement. Designed to hook to a tractor with a three-point hitch, this tool uses PTO-driven knives to both smooth and shape the soil that is often mounded up after the tile plow lays tile underneath the surface.

Until now, some people have resorted to disking over the rough areas. Others, especially some tile contractors, have developed their own tool put together from old disk parts or whatever they had around, and pulled it over tile lines. The Shaper Pro may be the first commercial product made by a company that manufactures tile plows designed to run exclusively where tile lines have been installed.

Built by Soil-Max, which is owned by Ag Leader, this tool is made of the same quality construction used to make Gold Digger tile plows. Spokespeople say it’s built to last. Drive mechanisms are enclosed for safety, and a compact design keeps it focused on one task: leveling and smoothing dirt disturbed and mounded after a tile line is installed.

Adjustable panels stretching out behind the machine allow you to shape the area over the tile exactly as you want it. The panels resemble the wings of a hay mower-conditioner. These wing panels are hydraulically controlled. To learn more, visit

Editors’ views
Three editors who specialize in finding and evaluating new products took a look at this innovative product. They are Tom J. Bechman, Indiana Prairie farmer; Lon Tonneson, Dakota Farmer; and Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist.

Tom’s take
The theme this year seems to be the introduction of new products that look like they should have been invented years ago. The job they do and the way they do it seem like commonsense approaches. The Shaper Pro from Soil-Max is no exception. Now it’s possible to smooth out and shape up the area over new tile line installations so the field is smooth the first time you drive across it.

Lon’s views
Shaper Pro’s PTO-driven knives and soil guides will surely do a better job smoothing out a tile line than a disk. It will probably do it faster, too.

Mindy’s comments
No one likes a rough ride over fields. This piece of equipment seems to hit the mark for leveling and smoothing after tile installation. I like its adjustable panels that allow farmers to decide just how they want the soil sculpted.

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