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First impressions of big CES show

Slideshow: Farm Progress rounded up images of a range of interesting products from the big Las Vegas show, but this is just a start.

It’s hard to quantify CES, which was once called the Consumer Electronics Show, and in the past was known more for laptops and big televisions. Today, the show is the center of the universe for autonomous vehicles, drones, robots and technical tools including lidar (light detecting and ranging), radar, thermal vision systems and more.

It’s an opportunity for companies to show off their latest technology, and John Deere was on hand at the show for its second time, offering visitors a look at how technology is used in crop production.

In this slideshow, Farm Progress rounded up some new tools of interest, and included some more “fun” items to check out as well. This is not the first slideshow from the event, yet it offers a sense of the diversity of what’s on hand at the show.

The aim here is to showcase products that may be of interest on the farm, including your farm office. Farm Progress also found some tools that, while not ag-related, may be of interest for use on the farm. You’ll also find some just plain fun things — including the very last slide.

CES is a crowded experience, where there’s a lot of repetition from exhibitors showing their wares in hopes of getting distribution. That includes a massive amount of wireless earbuds, power banks for boosting your smartphone battery, and port replicators to give your tablet or laptop more ways to connect peripherals.

There are often farmers on hand to check out what’s new, believe it or not. And if you like Las Vegas, it might be worth your while to make the trip someday. Here Farm Progress has made an attempt to capture some interesting products to show what’s happening in the tech world.

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