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Broken iPhones, reasoned arguing and some cool space pix

Round up of tech news offers insight into a range of some interesting issues, and a couple year-end roundups we found interesting.

With our new gallery format, get more information by clicking on "View the Slideshow" but come back here to click links for stories you fund interesting. It's the best way to maximize your visit to this story item, where we've rounded up some interesting tech information.

Links to this week's articles

Breaking an iPhone

Saving Google data

Leap second ahead of 2017

Reasoned arguments make people more partisan

Best space pictures of 2016

And your bonus - Tech for 2017

Each week Tech Five branches out to cover a wide range of tech tools and innovations across all industries because what happens in the tech world eventually matters to farmers too. So click through this week's gallery to learn about the wide range of topics we've uncovered this week, and don't miss our previous installments. 

Tech summit, future car tech and drone deliveries

Fake news, exploding phones, tech trends for 2017

Better maps, sensors are big business and a self-driving beer truck

High-tech cranberry farming, and a universal translator

Augmented reality, smarter farming, tech product roundup

Facebook and the election, tech battles and computer drives explained

Mac vs. Windows, auto-drive innovation and tiny satellites

Melting batteries, more books and a smart phone challenge 

Smart phone news, self-driving car milestone 

Drone history, printer ink and Google 

Drones vs. eagles, cell phone recall and NFS on Twitter 

Future predictions, x-ray vision, tech advancement 

Future food demand, auto-driving rules and Dropbox 

Self-driving cars, innovation, Tinder for tractors 

Hacking cars, smaller phones and a crushing bonus 

Olympic apps, measuring crop yields and web speeds rise 

Windows update, tougher phone glass and drones at work 

Data use limit, bye-bye VCR, treating saline groundwater 

Science in trouble, 5G wireless news, Internet of Things and killing with robots 

Computer security, self-driving cars, Juno and farm data ownership 

GMOs, satellite investments, presidential tech stands 

5G, Google as doctor, drone rules, super ship and robots as people 

A court ruling, faming game, a tech tour and buying a laptop 

Bendable phone, Twitter hacked, new smart phone and a better Bluetooth 

Digging into drones, email on your wrist, basketball, and your computer 

An ag app case study, cellphone cancer news and more words on twitter 

Self-driving truck, voice command tools, web speed checker 

Winfield teams with Google, satellites vs. drones, and a bonus 

Drone swarm, anti-virus software, and an artificial intelligence warning 

Drone tech boost, privacy protection, routers, Windows 10 

Industry reports available, outsiders invest in ag and telling the ag tech story 

5 tech links to check on a Friday 

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