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Zoetis offers long-duration Synovex One implants

Zoetis offers long-duration Synovex One implants
New Synovex implants for grass and feedlots claim to double duration and improve performance in both steers and heifers

Zoetis has two new Synovex-branded implants, both designed to lengthen the effective period and decrease the need for re-implanting.

The company says its Synovex One Feedlot and Synovex One Grass implants both deliver up to 200 days of implant performance in feedlot and stocker steers and heifers by use of a patented, pore-forming polymer barrier.

Longer-lasting: Zoetis says its new Synovex One implants last twice as long as most implants and can be used on steers or heifers.

“Extended-duration implants require less labor and cause less stress on both personnel and livestock,” said Gary Sides, beef division managing nutritionist at Zoetis. “For feedlot and stocker producers, an implant of long duration provides simplicity and convenience for specific classes of cattle without sacrifice of either feedlot performance or quality grade.”

The new Synovex One formulations can be used in both steers and heifers to simplify implant programs, reduce the need to keep an inventory of different implants for steers and heifers, and eliminate the need to train processing crews on different applicators. All Synovex implant formulations are administered with the same SX10 precision applicator. 

With the active ingredients trenbolone acetate and estradiol benzoate, both Synovex One implants demonstrated these performance advantages in studies:
• Feedlot steers receiving Synovex One Feedlot saw a 15% improvement in average daily gain (ADG) and a 9.8% improvement in feed efficiency over non-implanted steers.
• Heifers receiving Synovex One Feedlot saw a 12% increase in ADG and a 7% improvement in feed efficiency.
• Steers receiving Synovex One Grass had a 17.2% improvement in ADG over non-implanted steers.
• Heifers receiving Synovex One Grass achieved an 11.3% increase in ADG.

For information contact your Zoetis representative or visit

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