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How is the #RealPigFarming Social Media Campaign Working?

How is the #RealPigFarming Social Media Campaign Working?
Does a social media campaign involving actual producers work? Here are the numbers.

In July this year the pork checkoff unveiled their new social media outreach program, #RealPigFarming.

The goal of the campaign is to help show consumers real hog farms with real stories, hoping to create and own the conversation around modern pig farming. But, is it working?

The pork checkoff reports the campaign's impact through mid-August :
• 4,754,924 overall impressions
• 4,463 Twitter posts
• 182 Instagram posts
• 1,103 Facebook page likes

The checkoff also released statistics since the start of the program:
• 8.6 million+ overall impressions
• 8,298 Twitter posts
• 336 Instagram posts

• 1,531 Facebook page likes

#realpigfarming: A social media hashtag for everyone. The hashtag provides way to link consumers to producers for real answers regarding modern hog production.

"We want to empower producers to have meaningful, impactful conversations on social media with consumers about what happens on their farms," said Claire Masker, public relations manager for the prok checkoff.  "The hashtag (#) before Real Pig Farming helps people search social media posts with the same phrase, making it easier for them to follow conversations."

The initial team of social media "agvocates" consisted of not only producers from 10 states but also animal science and ag university students and industry representatives.

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Everyone who has a passion for agriculture or a positive story to share about real pig farming is encouraged to use the hashtag. Consumers also are encouraged to use the hashtag to ask questions of those who are directly involved with hog production.

They have also added a great short video further explaining the hashtag movement to the public, available below. It's never too late to join the conversation and there are several ways to be engaged:

See the Real Pig Farming Facebook page and @RealPigFarming on Twitter or searching the #realpigfarming hashtag on any social media site. Producer or not, this is a conversation for all.

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