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Enter Crop Watch Contest to Win Free Seed

Enter Crop Watch Contest to Win Free Seed
Crop Watch 2014: Time to enter closing in, and you have information to make an educated guess!

How would you like eight bags of free seed corn to plant in 2015? Or six bags, maybe even five bags? With tightening budgets caused by lower commodity prices and rising seed costs, it sounds like a winner! That's especially true when all you have to do is guess the final average yield of a roughly 40-acre field!

You can use an entry form in your Farm Progress Magazine and mail it to: P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131, postmarked on or before Sept. 15. Or you can email your entry, complete with contact information and the number of acres of each crop you raise, plus your guess, to: [email protected] It needs to arrive by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Sept. 15 to be considered.

Crop Watch 2014: Time to enter closing in, and you have information to make an educated guess!

Crop Watch 9/1: Full, Deep Kernels Could Increase Corn Yield

Here are observations about the field that might help you with your guess.

• The field was planted on May 4. One hybrid was placed in half the planter and a second hybrid in the other half.

• Germination occurred quickly and the field emerged evenly.

• Too much rain early drowned out two small spots, totaling less than half an acre. Some corn survived even in those spots.

• Corn that survived regained its green color and produced ears. Nitrogen was apparently not completely lost – it was just unavailable until soils weren't saturated.

• One quick yield estimate on end rows put yield around 200 bushels per acre.

• Variable-rate prescriptions were used to drops from 29,000 to 34,000 seeds per acre. The majority of the acres were planted at 34,000. The end rows were planted at about 30,000.

Crop Watch 8/29: Time to Guess Corn Yield and Enter Crop Watch '14 Contest

• Timely, significant rains continued throughout grain fill.

Long ears: Rows of kernels per row vary, but each hybrid filled long ears.

• One hybrid tended to put on 16 rows of kernels, the other put on 14 rows. Kernel number per row is about 40 for the 16-ring hybrid and 40-45 for the 14-ring hybrid.

Base your estimate on average yield for the field in dry bushels. Estimate to the nearest tenth of a bushel. Previous winners of seed in Crop Watch contests are not eligible. One entry per person is allowed, and one entry per household.

We'll be watching for your entry!

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