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3 things that make a tool repair truck great

3 things that make a tool repair truck great
Look for these features when putting together a service truck.

You would never guess it if he didn’t tell you. Look at Dan Gwin’s repair truck pictured here. He farms near Linden. How many miles do you think are on this truck?

Most hands should be up at 100,000. From the looks of it, some would come down at 200,000. Not many would still be up at 400,000, but Gwin says that’s how many miles are on this truck. He recently retired it as his main pickup. Since it was still functionally sound, he decided to convert it to a tool truck.

Here are three things that make this truck right for his operation.

1. Economics should be a factor when selecting a service truck.

GOOD TRUCK: Dan Gwin chose to convert a high-mileage, dependable pickup truck into a repair truck.

This truck was a pickup, not a dual-wheeled truck with a utility bed. Through some shrewd negotiations, Gwin was able to sell the original bed and acquire this bed plus the extra tires in an economical trade.

“The truck still has a lot of life left in it, especially if we’re not driving long distances,” he says. “It is the kind of truck that works well for a repair truck. You need something that is dependable, but that doesn’t tie up a lot of money since it sets around part of the time.”

3 things that make a tool repair truck great

PLENTY OF LIFE LEFT: This pickup converted into a repair truck with dual rear wheels has plenty of life left in its second career.

2. Invest in the tools you will need in the field.

This repair truck features an air compressor large enough to handle jobs you typically encounter in the field. It’s also equipped with a combination welder-generator that brings both welding and electrical capabilities to the field.

“We purchased that unit when we were expanding the corn storage facility, and it’s a great fit in the repair truck,” Gwin says.

The truck also has an oxyacetylene torch for cutting jobs that might occur in the field.

3 things that make a tool repair truck great

RIGHT TOOLS, RIGHT PLACE: Tools for the job and the power to run them go with this pickup truck to the field.

3. Allow for storage of repair tools.

This truck is equipped with secure storage bins on both sides of the bed. They open out so they are perfect for storing wrenches and other tools that could be needed in the field.

There is also room for storing parts that could be needed, depending upon the season.

3 things that make a tool repair truck great

STORAGE AREAS: Any good repair truck needs room for storage of tools and repair parts.

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