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Stance delivers plant management promise

Stance plant growth regulator from Bayer CropScience entered the market in 2006 with the promise of being a simple, effective solution to cotton plant management. According to the company, data collected during the season shows Stance has delivered on that promise.

“Trials initiated by universities and Bayer CropScience show Stance performing as well or better than mepiquat chloride in controlling vegetative growth and plant height,” said Jon Mixson, Stance product manager, Bayer CropScience. “Moreover, it accomplishes this without the guessing games that can accompany mepiquat chloride use.”

Steve Brown, Extension cotton specialist for the University of Georgia, said Stance appears to have a benefit over mepiquat chloride on cotton plants in adverse conditions or variable growth situations.

This advantage was also noted by Sandy Stewart, LSU Extension cotton specialist, who said PGR applications as early as matchhead square have become increasingly popular in recent years. That strategy has had the potential to backfire with other products if adverse weather immediately follows the application.

“It looks like an early application of Stance may carry built-in insurance if growing conditions turn bad with hot, dry weather,” Stewart said.

Mixson said a synergistic effect between the dual active ingredients of Stance allows its rate to be much lower than other PGR products. The labeled rates are 2 ounces per acre for moderate vegetative vigor and 3 ounces per acre for high vegetative vigor.

Mixson added that Stance may also provide a boost in fiber quality. UGA was at the forefront of this discovery, with data showing a repeatable, statistically significant staple length increase in seven of nine trials. He said similar increases have been documented at the University of Arkansas, Texas A&M University and the University of Missouri.

Mixson said the increase could mean the difference between a discount, base or premium staple length in some instances.

“We have strong evidence that using Stance can lead to increased staple length,” Mixson said. “We will continue to conduct research to better define optimal application timing and other factors that will maximize this benefit.”

Growers interested in learning more about Stance should visit or contact their local Bayer CropScience sales representatives.

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