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Stainless steel pipe from Valmont increases life of equipment

VALMONT Irrigation has announced the availability of stainless steel pipe, providing customers a new option to maximize the longevity of their irrigation equipment. The stainless steel pipe complements the industry's premier corrosion-resistant pipe, Poly-Span Lined Pipe.

"Our stainless steel pipe offers decades of use to farmers, ranchers and industrial and municipal applicators who apply water or wastewater that corrodes standard galvanized pipe," says Greg Bartlett, senior product manager for Valmont Irrigation.

"The stainless steel material not only includes the pipe, but also other metal surfaces that are exposed to water, such as couplers and flanges. This will allow the user to efficiently apply acidic or corrosive water during the entire life of the irrigation equipment, which could save thousands of dollars in replacement costs for standard galvanized pipe," Bartlett adds.

The stainless steel pipe comes with a 20-year warranty, a seven-year unconditional warranty plus a 13-year pro-rated warranty.

"Both stainless steel pipe and Poly-Span Lined Pipe provides a superior alternative to weathering steel, aluminum or underslung PVC pipe," Bartlett says.

Poly-Span Line Pipe, introduced in 1998, features a one-piece polyethylene liner permanently bonded to galvanized pipe. The liner is virtually indestructible by water of any kind and is backed by an unconditional 10-year warranty. It is available in a variety of span lengths to fit any field and can be adapted to different row spacings to insure efficient and precise watering of any crop.

Growers can obtain additional information about stainless steel and Poly-Span Lined Pipe from their local Valley dealer, or by contacting Valmont Irrigation at 1-800-825-6668.

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