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Pioneer A Series AYT 4.0 trials
This field of small-plots for soybeans allows DuPont Pioneer researchers to maximize their breeding approach. The company claims it has doubled the rate of genetic gain with AYT 4.0.

Pulling it all together

DuPont and its Pioneer brand of soybeans brings together a complete solution to maximize yields.

There's a lot of crop technology out there these days, when you start thinking about the latest biotech traits combined with new chemistries and more. DuPont and Pioneer are working to bring it all together with the aim of boosting soybean yields. "We're bringing three technologies together in a comprehensive program," said Tim Glenn, president, DuPont Crop Protection. He explained the new program - called the DuPont Acre Solution - to media during Commodity Classic earlier this month.

The three-part program includes DuPont Fexapan herbicide plus VaporGrip Technology for use with soybeans that also contain the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend technology to combat resistant and tough-to-control weeds. Matched to that herbicide and trait tech is the Lumisena fungicide seed treatment available to battle Phytophthora, a top yield-limiting disease in soybeans. And finally, the A-Series soybean developed using AYT 4.0 technology with Big Data and deep analysis to identify high-yielding candidates.

This three-pronged approach tackles some key yield-robbing issues, Glenn said. "Growers are struggling with resistant weeds in 2017," he said. "This is a simple solution that's economical and efficacious. We have a comprehensive management program with Fexapan for 2017." The product was labeled for use in February 2017.

He added that stewardship of Fexapan herbicide is critical and that the tech provides value for growers. DuPont is involved in education, training and ongoing support of the product and the soybean technology. "We're doing that through our crop protection specialists in the field, and the Pioneer field sales team," Glenn said.

Farmers who want to know more about the stewardship program should visit

Another tool for 2017 is the Lumisena fungicide seed treatment. "This is the first fungicidal seed treatment that we've launched," Glenn said. "We've been able to prove a 1.7 bushel per acre difference under Phytophthora pressure over long-standing metalaxyl. This year it will be tested more broadly in large plots with extensive trials." Lumisena will go commercial in 2018 as part of the Pioneer premium seed treatment options.

The Lumisena fungicide is a new mode of action for the market, and one that alleviates concern with resistance developing too. There are concerns that Phytophthora is becoming resistant to metalaxyl. This is the first new mode of action for Phytophthora and it is significant for customers.

Doubling the rate of genetic gain

Steve Reno, vice president and business director, U.S. and Canada for DuPont Pioneer, talked about the new A series soybeans available for 2017. "These are the highest yielding soybeans in Pioneer history," he said. "We have an expanded research footprint with boots on the ground combined with Accelerated Yield Technology 4.0."

For 2017, the company launched 54 new A Series soybeans ranging from Group 000 to Group 7 across the country. "These soybeans come in fully traited packages," Reno said. "From Roundup Ready 2, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend, Liberty Link, STS-Bolt, and Plenish, there are a number of options to fit their acres."

Reno noted that the extensive test and development program that's part of AYT 4.0 involves 400 impact locations with on-farm trials to help advance this class of traits. These soybeans provide a 2.3 bushel per acre advantage over 10,000 genetic comparisons, he explained. "In 2018, 40 to 45% of products farmers purchase form Pioneer will have this technology."

With AYT 4.0 the company has found a way to double the rate of genetic gain in its development program. That's possible because the breeding program allows for the analyzation of millions of points of data to arrive at the right traits for improved performance. You can learn more about A Series soybeans here.

The new program is being called the DuPont Acre Solution, which is an integrated approach for raising soybeans. "We have more innovation that ever," added Glenn. "We can enhance [farmer's] soybean yields, and combine the technology with a local footprint with the Pioneer sales agents, account managers and DuPont team members."

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