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Protect flowers, protect yields

Flowering is a critical stage of soybean development for strong yields. Applying a yeast-based foliar product can help protect blooms.

April 6, 2024

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Protect flowers, protect yields
Submitted by Agrauxine

Soybean yield is largely determined by the number of pods a plant can produce and fill. However, before pod set and pod fill, a plant’s yield potential is influenced by the number of flowers that bloom and eventually develop into pods and attain maturity.

Flowering is an important phase of soybean growth and development. Typically lasting for three to five weeks, flowering, or the R1 and R2 stages of reproductive development, also marks the beginning of rapid dry weight and nutrient accumulation rates. Light interception and heat unit accumulation ahead of flowering are two important factors that provide the potential for flower retention and eventual pod development and seed fill.

The causes of flower abortion

Soybeans have an almost unlimited potential to produce flowers, but unfortunately, many of these will abort and never produce pods, resulting in lost yield potential. While some flowers will abort naturally, others are lost due to extreme stress during flowering. Common abiotic stressors include drought and high temperatures. While these weather-related factors are outside of a soybean grower’s control, there are ways that farmers can help reduce the stress their soybean plants will endure.

Preventing flower abortion

Flower abortion can be prevented in soybeans by implementing practices that help mitigate stressors. Some common stress mitigation techniques include addressing soybean fertility needs, using high-quality seed, planting at optimal soil temperatures, and managing pest pressure throughout the growing season.

Soybean growers can also apply a yeast-based biological foliar product, like Smartfoil® from Agrauxine by Lesaffre, ahead of flowering to help manage the effects of abiotic stress during this critical stage of development. Such an application can amplify a soybean plant’s metabolic response to stress at the genomic, cellular and physiological levels. Ultimately, by alleviating stress, soybean growers help ensure that more flowers will survive and develop into pods for greater yield potential.

To learn more about how Smartfoil can help protect soybean flowers and yield potential, visit

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