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The soybean checkoff partnered with researchers in 2015 to develop 29 new soy-based products that replace petrochemicals.

January 29, 2016

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Last year, the soybean checkoff partnered with researchers to develop 29 new soy-based products that replace petrochemicals and help manufacturers meet sustainability objectives. These products, and hundreds of others developed with checkoff support, add value to U.S. soybeans and expand its market potential.  

“At a time when prices are low, it’s more important than ever to increase demand for U.S. soy,” says checkoff farmer-leader Jim Domagalski, a soybean farmer from Columbus, Michigan. “Part of that is finding new ways to use it.”


Products developed with checkoff support in 2015 include an insulating foam that helps green building contractors earn LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification, soy-based adhesives that replace formaldehyde without compromising quality, lubricants and solvents that reduce reliance on petrochemicals, and rubber belting that farmers can use in their equipment.   

New uses have helped farmers increase demand for U.S. soy from 14 million bushels in 2003 to more than 111 million bushels in 2013. This sales trajectory is expected to continue as a result of the soybean checkoff’s ongoing commitment to support the discovery of new soy technologies and share previous research findings that companies use to create more sustainable products.   

Click here to browse USB’s Soy Products Guide, an online catalog of the thousands of currently available soy-based products, ingredients and manufacturers. New soy-based products and ingredients introduced in 2015 as a result of checkoff support include:


Best Rest Eco Lux – a soy-foam mattress by Best Rest USA.

HeatLox XT – insulating foam for buildings by Demilec, Inc.

U-Pack 5310 – foam-in-place packaging foam by WFI Global.

UCore+ – foam used to insulate plastic window frames by WFI Global.


WCCO Conveyor Belt – soy-and-rubber belting by WCCO Belting, Inc.


Natural Environmental Barrier – a new coating by Green Eagle Technologies.

ProSoy 7460 – a soy-protein-based pigment binder for water-based flexographic and gravure inks by Applied Protein Systems.


SOYAD Adhesive – an adhesive used in the manufacture of hardwood plywood by Solenis.

Acous-Tec Adhesive – an adhesive used to manufacture acoustic panels by W. F. Taylor.

ProSoy 4410 –  a soy-protein-based adhesive for paper substrates by Applied Protein Systems.

ProSoy 4315 –  a soy-based additive that can replace phenol formaldehyde in wood adhesives by Applied Protein Systems.


ProSoy 5452 – a soy-protein-based binder and additive for paper and paperboard coatings by Applied Protein Systems.


Elevance Clean 1000 – a solvent for industrial formulations by Elevance Renewable Services.

STEPOSOL SB-W – a solvent for degreasing that also acts as a lubricating agent by STEPAN Company.


Elevance Concert GC-350 – a processing aid for lithium grease manufacture by Elevance Renewable Sciences.

Soy Lube SL 100 – a soy-based lubricant by BioKleen.

BioLube SD – a soy-based lubricant by Synalloy and Manufacturers Chemicals LLC.


Me-Pro – a soy-based aquaculture feed by Prairie Aquatech.

PETROSTEP Q-50S – a down-hole corrosion inhibitor for oil wells by STEPAN Company.

NatureWax –  premium candle wax by Elevance Renewable Sciences.

Elevance Soft CG-100 – emollients for personal care products by Elevance Renewable Sciences.

Defoamer Soy – a defoaming agent by Synalloy and Manufacturers Chemicals LLC.

American Soybean Wax – a candle-making staple by Swan Creek Candle Company.

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