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Rotowiper system features rotating drum

The Rotowiper weed control system will work and be totally different from anything else due to the rotating drum. As it is driven, it turns in the opposite direction that the Rotowiper is traveling, so that you get a wiping action on the weeds to be killed.

This rotating action does several things.

First, it keeps the carpet material very saturated and, therefore, has sufficient chemical available to apply to the targeted weed. Because it is rotating, it will not drip.

Second, it is applying the chemical to the bottom or underside of the leaves, where the plants are going to be easier to kill because of greater porosity.

Third, with the adjustable height you are only putting the chemicals on the targeted weeds and not wasting chemicals on grasses and clovers that we want to keep.

Normal operating speeds are 10 to 15 m.p.h. With these speeds you should get better than 8.5 acres per hour with 10-foot units.

The chemical of choice is Roundup at 20 parts water and one part Roundup. This mixture will have a chemical cost less than $.50 per acre. This inexpensive, yet very effective application helps to pay back the cost of the Rotowiper in chemical savings.

Unit size is available to meet your operation. Three-foot to six-foot units can also fit the need for burn-down applications in nursery, landscape, vineyard, orchard, strawberry and tree farm applications. Deflectors are available for vineyard and berry operations to protect the plants from being wiped or damaged.

The 10-foot and 12-foot units are most popular for hay and pasture farmers.

The Rotowiper will kill out any weed it comes in contact with including johnsongrass, thistles, ragweed, smutgrass, and any other noxious weed at a minimum cost and time. The theory for this application is “If the cows don't eat it, we don't need it”.

Row crop and large truck farm operations have the option of hydraulic driven units ranging from 15 to 30 feet. These operations have discovered the GrassWorks weed wiper is a very economical weed control system. With the capability of adjusting the height of the roller, this allows application during different stages of crop growth.

Foam markers are available for all units.

For further information, contact GrassWorks; Bobby Umberson; (479) 848-3626; e-mail; or visit

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