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National Peanut Board introduces new brand: “The Perfectly Powerful Peanut”

peanuts board national new brand health food
<p> THE NATIONAL PEANUT BOARD recently announced its new brand platform, &ldquo;The Perfectly Powerful Peanut,&quot; which looks to continue to promote peanuts as health food for consumers.</p>
&bull; One of the main reasons consumers&nbsp;buy peanuts is for their health benefits. The National&nbsp;Peanut Board&#39;s new&nbsp;branding campaign looks to make the most of that consumer trend.

The National Peanut Board held its quarterly board meeting in Atlanta Aug. 6-8 and unanimously approved the Fiscal Year 14 Program of Work with a new NPB brand platform, “The Perfectly Powerful Peanut.”

The board also introduced a heightened consumer-focused campaign addressing peanut allergy education.

The board unanimously approved a budget of $8.6 million for FY2014, which begins Nov. 1 and ends Oct. 31, 2014. Before implementation, the FY2014 budget and program of work must be reviewed and approved by USDA.

“The Perfectly Powerful Peanut” brand platform advances NPB’s strategic brand direction based on consumer trends toward health and wellness. One of the main reasons consumers are buying nuts today is for their health benefits.

“The new brand platform provides a message that is unifying to the entire peanut industry and leverages peanuts’ competitive consumer benefits.

“The Perfectly Powerful Peanut connects with health and wellness news that peanuts have 7 grams of plant-based protein and are a Superfood with more than 30 vitamins and minerals,” said Vic Jordan, NPB chairman and farmer from Louisiana. 

“We want to build on these nutrition benefits and the love Americans of all ages have for peanuts and peanut butter, while increasing our competitiveness in the market place.”

 “The Perfectly Powerful Peanut” lines up the National Peanut Board’s messaging with any industry initiative and works equally well across all industry groups, brands and with other stakeholders.

“It is an opportunity to galvanize the entire industry and garner broad support for a common theme and direction.

“To promote the new branding, NPB will execute an integrated advertising media campaign and public relations initiative during the first quarter of 2014 to work effectively with consumer and trade audiences.”

To read more and to learn about NPB expanded peanut allergy education efforts, click here.

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