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Equipment Forum: Deere adds to product lineup for 2012Equipment Forum: Deere adds to product lineup for 2012

From combines to tractors to sprayers to precision farming equipment, John Deere has added numerous new products to the lineup for 2012.

February 13, 2012

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<p> MACHINE SYNC is a John Deere exclusive system that takes harvest automation to the next level and the first application that uses the Machine Communication radio hardware.</p>

John Deere made a big splash this past fall with the introduction of several new lines of machinery.

Leading the way was the new S-Series combine line.

Available for the 2012 harvest season, the S-Series Combines include five models: S550, S660, S670, S680 and S690, which is an all-new Class 9 machine. The S-Series Combines are ideal for producers and agricultural service providers who demand a combine that provides exceptional harvest power, grain-handling performance and field productivity.

To bring even more productivity to the S-Series Combines, the cleaning system has been redesigned with a newly engineered cleaning shoe which delivers 33 percent increased capacity. The Variable Stream rotor is a new option that improves straw quality in rice and high-yielding small grains with tough, dense straw.

A new Premium Residue Management system provides more uniform material distribution; windrow straw for a baling application while spreading chaff; and a wind compensation feature added to the PowerCast tailboard.

The 400-bushel grain tank (standard on S680 and S690) is the largest factory-available tank in the industry and can unload 3.8 bushels per second.

The Active Tailings System (also standard on S680 and S690) increases threshing and separating capacity by 8 to 10 percent for improved grain and straw quality. It also has an updated Harvest Doc yield and moisture monitoring system.

The cab of the new S-Series Combines has been completely redesigned from the ground up for maximum comfort and visibility. The larger cab environment, with 30 percent more interior space, provides industry-leading visibility.

An integrated armrest display features touch-screen capability and AMS precision technology functionality. Changing gears is simple with electric push-button shift and ProDrive transmissions.

And to help make the new S-Series Combines even more productive in the field, John Deere is introducing the new 600 Series Corn Heads, including the company's first 16- and 18-row heads, which are ideally matched for use with the new combines.

The 600 Series StalkMaster heads have row-unit chopping disconnects that allow the chopping feature to be disengaged on-the-go, as well as improved header height control, which senses farther forward and on outer rows.

New draper platform

For customers wanting a flexible-draper platform, John Deere is introducing the new 600FD HydraFlex Draper, which is available in 35- and 40-foot models.

Flexible draper technology allows more productivity and faster ground speeds when harvesting soybeans. Operators will be able to harvest more acres in less time and optimally match combine performance and capacity.

Building on many of the popular features of its current 4930 Self-Propelled Sprayer, John Deere has introduced the 4940 Sprayer as its most advanced applicator for the 2011-2012 season. These new John Deere Sprayers come equipped with more integrated technologies that make loading and applying material quicker, easier and more precise.

To start, all 4940 Sprayers feature Direct Injection Ready, giving operators the ability to maintain a clean solution tank, which makes it easier to change between crops, load faster and carry up to 235 gallons of extra product.

To make spray applications more precise, the 120-foot booms come in 11 independent sections, more than any other sprayer, that can be turned on and off manually or automatically with Swath Control Pro.

Units come with boom widths from 90 to 120 feet and are equipped with GreenStar3 2630 Display for the most advanced system control and field documentation.

The John Deere 4940 Sprayer is powered by a 340 horsepower 9.0 Liter Interim Tier 4 PowerTech Plus Turbocharged engine with four-wheel hydrostatic drive that can make dry applications up to 25 mph (20 mph for liquid applications) and empty transport speeds of up 35 mph.

In addition, the 1,200-gallon solution tank has been redesigned to shift more weight forward for improved front-to-back weight distribution, greater operational control and reduced compaction.

Other features of the 4940 Sprayer include 50-inch crop clearance; GreenStar Command View Cab for exceptional operator visibility and comfort and a new cornerpost display that lets operators more easily see essential engine and system information; 300 cubic-foot drybox spreader for three-season use flexibility.

All units come with JDLink service free for the first year, allowing owners to better manage equipment logistics and performance in the field.

For the row-crop tractor market, John Deere introduces the 6R Series Tractors for the 2012 season.

The new 6R Series, which replaces the John Deere 7430 Premium and 7530 Premium models, includes three tractor models: the 6170R with 170 engine horsepower; the 6190R with 190 engine horsepower; and the 210 horsepower model 6210R.

The 6R Series Tractors have 6.8L PowerTech PVX engines (6170R) and PSX engines (6190R and 6210R models) that deliver efficient power while meeting the latest emissions requirements and new transmission options that include the popular Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) and AutoQuad Plus ECO. All tractors come equipped with the GreenStar 3 Command Center and are capable of integrated AMS functionality.

7R Series Tractors

With a focus on increased power, versatility, capacity and improved operator comfort, John Deere last year introduced the 7R Series Tractors for the 2011-2012 season.

These completely new row-crop tractor models have many of the performance features found in the larger 8R Series, making them even more productive in the field.

The 7R Series Tractors come with a wide array of new customer-driven features including the new IVT and Command Quad transmissions, options for larger tires, compact chassis, and greater engine horsepower ratings. These features give the 7R Tractors the versatility to handle the tillage, planting, haying, loader work and many other tough chores on the farm.

The 7R Tractors have 30 percent more fuel capacity and 23 percent greater hitch-lift capacity compared to their large-frame 7030 series predecessors.

In addition, this new series has an optional integrated front hitch and PTO so producers can easily operate front-driven equipment such as triple-mounted mower-conditioners, snow blowers and a wide range of other attachments.

For rear-driven equipment, a new 3-speed economy PTO with power-assist PTO shifting is an available fuel-saving option.

Inside the cab, John Deere has made major changes to enhance the operating experience. Along with a roomier CommandView II Cab that gives the operator improved visibility to the drawbar, the 7R Series Tractors have an optional touch-screen video capable CommandCenter Display.

The 7R models also can be equipped with ActiveCommand Steering (ACS), which utilizes breakthroughs in steering technology to deliver the ultimate in precise steering control, especially at transport speeds.

Another available option is an adaptive hydraulic cab suspension system that reads multiple tractor inputs to automatically adjust the suspension for an improved ride.

Other new features include the availability of six SCVs for greater hydraulic versatility and the addition of right-hand steps to make it more convenient to access the right side of the tractor.

John Deere 7R Series Tractors are available at your local John Deere dealer.

Heavy-duty, large-scale field operations just got easier for farmers with the introduction of the new 9R/9RT Series Tractors from John Deere.

Available for the 2012 season, the 360 to 560 engine horsepower 9R/9RT Tractors are the most powerful, productive and comfortable four-wheel-drive and track tractors John Deere has ever built. They are engineered for larger producers and contractors to cover more acres in less time and be more productive on the farm or job site.

The 9R/9RT Series Tractor lineup, which replaces the 9030 Series Tractors that were introduced in 2007, includes five models with wheels and three with tracks.

These new 9R/9RT Series tractors feature the latest improvements in power, hydraulics, hitch and PTO options, as well as cab comforts and controls. All of these great new features and overall style changes will help the all-new 9R/9RT tractors stay at the head of the field.

Advanced engine technology

All 9R/9RT Series models except the 9360R come with John Deere's advanced PowerTech PSX 13.5L engine with a single fluid solution for optimal power and operator convenience. The 9360R model features a PowerTech PSX 9.0L engine. Both the PowerTech PSX 9.0L and 13.5L engines feature in-line, six-cylinder, 4-valves per head, cooled exhaust gas recirculation, electronic engine controls and series turbochargers.

The 9360R, 9410R and 9460R ag models come standard with 24-speed PowerSync manual shift transmission and optional 18-speed PowerShift transmission with Efficiency Manager. The 24-speed PowerSync is a field-proven transmission, for operators who prefer a basic manual shift transmission, but with an easy to use high-low lever to get that right speed for their field applications.

The 18-speed PowerShift Transmission with Efficiency Manager, which comes standard with the track tractors, higher horsepower wheeled models and scraper models, allows the tractor to operate at an optimal performance level while minimizing fuel consumption.

Efficiency Manager gives the operator precise ground speed control by letting the operator set speeds for field or transport applications with a thumb wheel located on the transmission shift lever. The 9RT Track Models now also enjoy the same faster transport speed as the 9R wheel models at 25 mph.

In addition, all ag models of the 9R/RT Series have optional PTOs and higher lift capacity three-point hitches. Four selective control valves come standard on all ag tractors, with optional fifth and sixth SCVs.

To enhance operator comfort, the new 9R/9RT Series features the CommandView II Cab, which offers several different packages for both the wheeled and track models. Optional on all wheel tractors is the revolutionary ActiveSeat suspension system for the smoothest ride possible.

The new cab also features the simple-to-use CommandArm fingertip controls and the new GreenStar 3 CommandCenter Display that can run many precision applications such as AutoTrac, Swath Control Pro, Performance Monitor, Access Manager, and others. Factory-installed JDLink for Service ADVISOR Remote capabilities also are part of the new 9R/9RT Tractor package.

Brand new to the John Deere Scraper Special family is the 9RT track configuration. The addition of the 9RT Scraper Special completes John Deere's line up of proven, reliable, and productive scraper tractors.

The 9RT Scraper Special is the optimum choice for sand, wet, or soft underfoot conditions often found in scraper applications.

New features of the 9R/9RT Scraper Special models include a tow cable in base equipment, a level one falling object protective structure (FOPS), full-featured hydraulic connections, and axle flats for better hub retention on wheel models.

Improved traction, longer wear

All Scraper Special track tractors feature the Camoplast Durabuilt 5500 Scraper track belts for improved traction, longer wear and reduced vibration.

John Deere has also developed new technology that provides timely, critical information on equipment location, operational status and automates equipment during harvest.

The Machine Communication Radio is the first radio on the market that can create an in-field, high-speed wireless network to facilitate machine-to-machine communication.

The radio is designed to enable up to 10 vehicles in a single network to distribute data between one another when operating within a three-mile radius.

The radio, which is easy to set up and use, teams up with the Machine Sync activation and GreenStar3 2630 Display and StarFire Receiver to create the in-field network to share logistics information.

Machine Sync is a John Deere exclusive system that takes harvest automation to the next level and the first application that uses the Machine Communication Radio hardware.

Machine Sync is simple to set up and use, even for inexperienced operators. The software provides the combine location and bin-fill status to the cart operator, who can determine how quickly the combine will need to unload; prioritize which combine to go to first when multiple combines are in the field; or call in additional carts as needed.

This technology also allows the combine operator to control the location of the tractor and grain cart for automated on-the-go unloading, lock the grain cart into position and adjust it as needed for optimal cart filling.

For more information on this equipment and the entire lineup of John Deere products, see your local John Deere dealer or visit www.JohnDeere.com.

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