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curtains on livestock building Phil Smith
LIVESTOCK COVERED: American Agra Curtains, Delphi, Ind., offers curtains for livestock facilities. The family-owned company recently named new leadership for the future.

Livestock products to fit specific needs

Here are products that might fill a niche in your livestock operation.

Livestock products are as varied as the producers who use them. Some help commercial producers with confinement buildings in large operations be more efficient. Others offer solutions for feeding and watering livestock housed outdoors. Still others meet the needs of those in specialized sectors of the livestock business. Here is a look at four products that might be useful on your livestock farm:

Livestock curtains. American Agra Curtains has provided curtains for open- or partially open-sided livestock buildings since the early 1980s. The product came about when Bill Henderson, who built livestock buildings, talked to a producer who expressed interest in a naturally ventilated structure, but only if he could get curtains on the sides. Henderson’s wife, Carolyn, was a seamstress and helped develop an idea for the curtain. The Delphi, Ind.-based company has sold curtains ever since.

Carolyn died in 2018. Recently, the company announced new leadership for the future. Brian and Jerri Henderson, the couple’s son and daughter-in-law, are the new owners, with Jerri as president and Brian as managing owner. Curtains for swine, dairy and poultry buildings remain their primary focus, as they also branch into products for other uses. Learn more at

Hay feeders, water tanks. Best Livestock Equipment, a Kentucky-based company, offers rugged hay feeders and durable, all-season water tanks for cattle and other livestock species. Most products are developed by livestock people who were frustrated with options they had available for feeding and watering livestock.

hay feeder from Best Livestock Equipment
SOLID AS A ROCK: This hay feeder from Best Livestock Equipment, built on top of a tire repurposed from the mining industry, can even stand up to bulls and buffalo.

The company offers the Best Hay Saver Feeder in various sizes. Made of 2-inch, 12- and 14-gauge galvanized tubing, it attaches to a corrosion-proof tire repurposed from the mining industry. The company claims you can save 30% of your hay annually compared to using other feeders.

Best Tire Tanks are billed as a lifetime solution to water needs. They also use tires from the mining industry to form a fountain and use float valves made of solid galvanized steel with a brass seat. Learn more at     

livestock waterer from Best Livestock Equipment
TOUGH CUSTOMER: Here is a waterer from Best Livestock Equipment that won’t easily get knocked around, no matter what type of livestock you raise. The base is a repurposed mining tire.

Sheep walker. Mountainview Machine, Beresford, S.D., is another family-owned business owned and operated by Wade and Lisa Steeneck. The company offers unique feeding and handling products for sheep and goats. Perhaps the most unique is the Lamb Walker, powered by a 0.5 horsepower, three-phase motor. Walk up to six show animals at a time, and reverse direction in a matter of minutes. The unit lists for $2,700. Visit

Lamb Walker from Mountainview Machine
UNIQUE MACHINE: If you are serious about training livestock for show, check out the Lamb Walker from Mountainview Machine.
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