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10 agriculture stories you should read today, Jan. 27

10 agriculture stories you should read today, Jan. 27
Killer bread tale. The Devil's anvil. Data-sharing with agribusiness. Nazis. Farmer privacy and agroterror. Wife wanted sign. Wild West nut thieves. Slippery beyond belief. What expert tasters?


1. Jackknife in Bread Redemption Road

Dave Dahl’s redemption road from drugs and 15 years in prison to phenomenal success with Dave's Killer Bread has jackknifed back toward a courtroom. (Willamette Weekly)

2. Agribusiness Wants Your Data

Clear as mud: What's the future of data-sharing for U.S. agriculture? (NPR)

3. Nazis, Slave Labor and a Farm’s Legacy

A remote farm on the wrong side of the Atlantic still bears the swastika marks from a forgotten piece of Nazi history, and a few survivors are telling the tale. (WFP)

4. Farmer Privacy and Agroterror = EPA in Court

Roughly a year after the Harris Ranch attack, and alongside growing alarm over the vulnerability of U.S. agriculture, the EPA's release of private farmer data has resulted in a benchmark lawsuit. (National Review)

5. The Devil’s Anvil

California’s drought is taking a severe toll on agriculture and pushing ranchers like Harold Kelly to the financial edge. (CNN)

Slippery beyond belief

6. Wife Wanted Sign

A German farmer hung a “wife wanted” sign up and in poured the offers — so many that “ he has confirmed he is now only intending to consider the younger women who apply.” (Mirror)

7. Wild West of Nut Thieves

For producers, it’s tempting to grow tree nuts. For criminals, it’s tempting to steal tree nuts. Walnuts, almonds, pistachios … millions of dollars in stolen nuts are exchanging hands. (Business Insider)

8. Slippery Beyond Belief

If a new MIT-developed coating pans out — there’s not an industry in the U.S. that won’t be interested. LiquiGlide — nothing sticks to the very last drop. (Fast Company)

9. What Expert Tasters?

It’s best to spot an old fake before you taste it. (Wine Spectator)

10. Saving Radioactive Cows

In the shadow of Fukushima, a rancher is trying to save his cows from a kill order.

(New York Times)


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