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S3 AWS Airbar releases new product line-up in air assist harvesting.

With the Flow Dynamics FD/FDX, S3 AWS claims that the patent-pending design improves on the airflow performance of its predecessors by as much as 50%

August 15, 2023

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S3 AWS Airbar releases new Flow Dynamics
Submitted by AWS Airbar

With the expansion of their product line-up with the release of the “Flow Dynamics” system (models FD and FDX), S3 AWS claims that the patent-pending design improves on the airflow performance of its predecessors by as much as 50%.

Built on the trusted S3 AWS Airbar® platform, The S3 AWS Airbar Flow Dynamics® system offers new twin-channel airflow while maintaining the industry leading efficiency and serviceability of the belt drive fan assembly. Drawing on years of development, engineering and testing, this product evolution introduces all-new, configurable levels of air-assist harvesting performance and efficiency.

All three Airbar product models are driven by a purpose-built S3 blower assembly, and available for all makes and models of headers. The standard Airbar model incorporates a single-channel, wraparound, closed-circuit air system. With the fan and chassis centrally located on the combine header and powered by the feeder house reverser gear, the airflow travels around the back of, and across the front of the header from a single airflow channel.

The S3 AWS Airbar Flow Dynamics FD model introduces the new, patent-pending airflow channel system. Using state-of-the-art engineering, the system utilizes twin-channel airflow that pressurizes the air manifolds from both ends, independently. With pressure-hungry headers of over 45’ in mind, the patent pending FD system delivers up to a 25% increase in evenly-distributed nozzle pressure, utilizing the proven S3 AWS Belt Drive Blower.

The Airbar FDX model adds an advanced, high-output (X-model) fan and chassis system that further increases the overall airflow by 50% at 440-4800 RPM. The Airbar FDX achieves this increased performance while maintaining the familiar and easily serviced AWS belt drive assembly, sized to handle the modest increase in PTO power required – ideal for the most extreme crop environments and combine header sizes.

“Air-assist” enhances harvesting equipment by using high-pressure airflow directed at the cutting table, to improve crop flow into the combine and eliminating the loss of product (up to 4 bushels per acre in some cases) that would otherwise fall to the ground.

During conventional combining, a substantial amount of grain loss occurs in a process known as "shatter loss.” Further, the knife and table are prone to debris build up, requiring the combine to travel at slower speeds for optimal cutting and material handling.

The Airbar system reduces or eliminates these efficiency losses, as the airflow guides the crop through the knife and onto the table. The Airbar’s ability to keep the knife clear of debris, while also augmenting the reel’s ability to fold the grain over the knife and onto the table, allow the combine to harvest at substantially higher speeds. This dramatically improves the overall efficiency of the combine and reduces operating hours and maintenance cycles—in addition to preventing shatter loss.

S3 AWS Airbar® is a division of S3 Group Ltd— a group of companies based out of Swift Current Saskatchewan. Approaching its 60th year in agricultural manufacturing, S3 Group provides engineering and manufacturing solutions internationally to some of world’s most recognized brands in agriculture and other industries. Providing both self-branded products as well as many OEM parts and complete equipment, S3 Group maintains a clear focus on products that contribute to sustainable operating practices.

For more information on S3 AWS Airbar® and the S3 AWS Airbar Flow Dynamics® (FD/FDX) Systems visit www.awsairbar.com

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