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Kubota adds tractors, makes tire deal

Series LX20 and L02 gain two models with new features — plus, an exclusive tire option from Titan.

Willie Vogt

March 21, 2023

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LX3520 (front) and the LX4020 tractor models from Kubota
NEW MACHINES: The LX3520 (front) and the LX4020 are two tractor models from Kubota. Offering a range of new features, they come in both cab and open-station designs.Photos by Willie Vogt

The engineers at Kubota Tractor Corp. have been busy working on new machines for two popular series at the company — the LX20 and L02. Both lines get two new models. And the company has entered into an exclusive tire agreement with Titan International.

“The LX Series is a popular line,” says Beau Woodbury, Kubota LX and L Series product manager. “We’re discontinuing the LX3510 and adding two models. We’ll be keeping the LX2610 in the line, and it won’t change.”

The LX3520 at 35 engine HP will be added along with the LX4020 (and yes, that badge number is likely familiar to some readers). The LX4020 offers 40 engine hp.

The LX20 Series is the higher-end product from Kubota, and these two new machines gain some added luxe with the option of roomy factory-installed cabs. Yet, economy-minded customers can opt for the SU model cab for the LX3520.

“The customer will find there’s easier access to the operator station,” Woodbury notes. “And there’s better visibility for loader work.”

The new cabs feature LED lighting with 1,000 lumens of brightness, he notes. And the cab layout has been improved, along with the addition of an improved suspension seat and optional armrests. There’s also a PTO switch, rather than a lever for easier engagement and operation.

The standard transmission is the HST, which Woodbury says is now much quieter than previous models, offering a better ride in the cab. There is an LX3520 geared version that is designed for use in specialty crops.

The LX20 Series also comes with a dual-engine memory switch, allowing users to preset their preferred operating speed and have the engine match that speed by pushing a button. Woodbury says in some operations having two speeds in the preset is desirable for specific tasks, such as running a snowblower or a loader.

L02 series models

Kubota is also launching two new machines for the standard L Series line. The L2502 and L4802 are available with either HST or gear drive transmissions in two-wheel and four-wheel drive. The L Series has a long-standing reputation in the compact tractor market for durability.

Kubota L02 tractor

Both models now feature brakes moved to the left side for ease of use, as well as new loader and bucket options. LED headlights and side work lights, an improved suspension seat, rubber floor mats, and optional arm rests boost operator comfort. The L2502 HST also features an independent PTO switch.

Titan tire deal

There’s a new exclusive tire option for the LX20 and L02 Series tractors. The Trac Loader II tires from Titan International, in select sizes, will only be available on Kubota compact and utility tractor models.

kubota and titan tire

“It’s a two-year exclusive agreement,” Woodbury notes. “In fact, the tires have a Kubota logo on them, as a dual brand.”

The new tread design provides better cleanout and is designed to perform in snow, ice, turf or mud. In testing, Kubota found that the tire offers better roading capabilities from the upgraded center lug. The tires are an option for new machines.

Learn more about the new tire at Check out more details on the LX20 and L02 machines at

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